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Maria is a Belarusian businesswoman and former political prisoner. In 2020 she participated in the elections as an independent observer, for which she was later arrested. Maria spent 3 years in detention. After her release, she was urgently evacuated from Belarus by the BYSOL team due to the threat of re-detention.

Mikalai Lepeshka in 2020, participated in peaceful protests. Three years later he was summoned as a witness, then he became a suspect, and eventually accused under Article 342 of the Criminal Code of Belarus. In January 2024, Nikolai was sentenced to 1 year and 10 months of “chemo”. The man with his wife and three children were forced to leave Belarus in an emergency with the support of the BYSOL team. The family needs money to pay rent for the first time.

Natalia Stepantsova was initially sentenced to one year of “home chemistry” for a comment about a policeman, but then her punishment was changed to 2 years of “regular chemistry”. The woman was recently released from prison, having served her sentence in full, after which, due to the threat of a new prosecution, she was urgently evacuated by the BYSOL team. Natalya needs financial assistance to pay for her apartment, buy food, learn English and get a new profession. Translated with (free version)

“Dom Tvortsau” is an initiative that helps repressed Belarusians. It is a place for accommodation, rehabilitation, creative realization and exchange of experience of creative people from Belarus, including political prisoners. “Dom Tvortsau” organizes free psychological trainings for those who faced stress and burnout in emigration, creative meetings and art therapy classes. The initiative needs financial support to continue its activities.

Stas was sentenced to 2 years of “chemistry with direction” for participating in protests and for “insulting” Lukashenko. The guy tried to leave the country himself, but failed. After that he was taken out by the BYSOL evacuation team.

BYSOL fundraising

“Deprivation of liberty will be a death sentence for me,” — these are the words of one of the Belarusian pensioners in the courtroom. “It would be better if they killed me in the deep forest,” relatives relay the words of another pensioner from the detention center.

We have created a charity campaign to help former political prisoners to restore their health after spending time in inhumane conditions of Belarusian prisons and reception centers. Their mental and physical state has suffered greatly and now people need support to improve their health.


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We create postcards and merch with drawings from the letters of political prisoners. All funds raised go to transfers to political prisoners through the Dissidentby initiative.

The levy is opened to help the BELPOL organization grow, expand its capacity, and support its participants and partners.

From 2015 to the present, the volunteer initiative “gumroute Belarus-ATO” continued to help Ukrainians in the conflict zone. Volunteer medics were supplied with four units of medical vehicles, the total weight of humanitarian aid delivered to the Ukrainian Donbass in five years exceeded 25 tons.

The levy is opened to help the BELPOL organization grow, expand its capacity, and support its participants and partners.

We offer you to participate in the creation of the new album of the Belarusian reggae band BOTANIC PROJECT. In 2021 the soloists of the project left Belarus, fleeing from the repression of Lukashenko's regime to Kiev.

“Volnyja” is an initiative in helping the former Belarusian politician prisoners. We help Volnyja to receive full support and to get back to a normal life, connecting people who want to help and those who need support after being released from prison.

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As of August 14, 2022

  • 1218 people received aid in emergency relocation
  • 1361 dismissed people were supported
  • 504 fundraisers posted on the website
  • 368 families of political prisoners received aid
  • 25+ initiatives supported by BYSOL
  • 114 veterans received aid
  • 226 courtyard applications received aid
  • 14 strike committees received aid

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