Fundraising to support the repressed Belarusians and Ukrainians during the war

BYSOL fundraising

BYSOL is announcing a collection to equip squads of Belarussian volunteers who are fighting alongside Ukrainians against our common enemies, Putin and Lukashenko. Belarusians in territorial defense battalions have received weapons and ammunition, but there is a serious shortage of special equipment, protection and tactical medicine.

In conditions of political persecution, threats to human freedom, life and health we help families to leave Belarus safely and quickly.

Private fundraising

Nikita Slepianka is a Gomel activist and administrator of the cultural-historical telegram channel Rezystans, who has been charged with “creating an extremist formation”. Now Nikita needs support to pay for a lawyer and to live in a pre-trial detention center.

On February 25, 2022, after the war began in Ukraine, Irina was forced to flee her home for the second time in a year. At this time, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a decree that allowed all accounts in Ukrainian banks to be frozen to citizens of Belarus and Russia, and Irina and her son evacuated practically without their belongings and without a penny of money.


From 2015 to the present, the volunteer initiative “gumroute Belarus-ATO” continued to help Ukrainians in the conflict zone. Volunteer medics were supplied with four units of medical vehicles, the total weight of humanitarian aid delivered to the Ukrainian Donbass in five years exceeded 25 tons.

Today, millions of Ukrainians are internally displaced or remain in shelters in places of hostilities, turning to Volunteer Hundred for assistance. Assistance includes food, medicine and hygiene products. We are opening a fundraiser to purchase the most popular items from our recipients' requests.

We are opening a collection for women who faced violence during the war. We need help with expensive medicines (contraceptives, prescription drugs, Rape kit) and their subsequent transfer to Ukraine, so that women are not left alone with their misfortune, we are opening a collection for women who faced violence during the war.

Fund´s statistics

As of August 24, 2021

  • 247 people received aid in emergency relocation
  • 1 361 dismissed people were supported
  • 133 fundraisers posted on the website
  • 200 families of political prisoners received aid
  • 20+ initiatives supported by BYSOL
  • 114 veterans received aid
  • 166 courtyard applications received aid
  • 14 strike committees received aid


Will the perpetrators of torture be punished? What is universal jurisdiction?

Belarusian human rights defenders use the mechanism of universal jurisdiction to punish the police and riot police officers who tortured people at the protests in August and continue to torture them to this day for crimes against humanity. Let's try to understand how universal criminal jurisdiction works.

Important post about security

In helping yards, the most important thing for BYSOL has always been and will be safety. For this reason, only 2 people in the fund are working on receiving and verifying applications.

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