Fundraising to support victims of repression in Belarus

Photo: Evgeny Erchak (EPA)

BYSOL fundraising

Support courtyard initiatives

Unique Belarusian courtyards are a phenomenon of protests. Small communities unite people across the country in their fight against dictatorship. They help Belarusians to openly express their protest, and we must help them to continue their struggle.

Support the families of political prisoners

In Belarus, 322 people ended up in prisons because they did not want to turn the blind eye to the terrible actions of the authorities. Support is needed not only for them but also for their families.

Team fundraising

Until August 2020, we, like all Belarusians, were engaged in our own projects, but we couldn't stay away when the country was gripped by a wave of violence and lawlessness. Now we help those who suffered at the hands of the regime.

Private fundraising

Financial Aid to repressed family of students

I am starting a fundraising for myself and my husband: we suffered from repression in Belarus, were beaten by security forces and expelled from universities, had to leave the country.


Belarusians in Boston for GrodnoAzot

Belarusians of Boston and other diasporas abroad have come together to support our people in the struggle for democracy and respect for human rights.

The Medical Solidarity Fund

Medics are special heroes. In Belarus, they fight COVID-19 without state support and actively oppose arbitrariness and violence. We support their rights, an independent union, the laid-off and their families.

Seattle and the UK support Naftan

Belarusian expats from Seattle and the UK support workers of Naftan who joined the national strike in Belarus.

Fund´s statistics

Since August 16 to December 31, 2020

Выплачено: € 2 934 719

  • 3 124 people applied
  • 1 693 people were verified
  • 1 222 people received help
  • 30+ initiatives supported
  • 14 strike commities fund helped
  • 221 relocated people supported

Details of payments

Payments to initiatives


Will the perpetrators of torture be punished? What is universal jurisdiction?

Belarusian human rights defenders use the mechanism of universal jurisdiction to punish the police and riot police officers who tortured people at the protests in August and continue to torture them to this day for crimes against humanity. Let's try to understand how universal criminal jurisdiction works.

Important post about security

In helping yards, the most important thing for BYSOL has always been and will be safety. For this reason, only 2 people in the fund are working on receiving and verifying applications.

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