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Private fundraising

Financial assistance to the Krot family

I, a mother on maternity leave, had to leave Belarus with my youngest child to avoid going to jail. Now we are in Poland. We have no money, housing, kindergarten and work. Everything takes time.

Financial aid to Tribul Trofim

The fundraising is open for the former 1st year student of BNTU Tribul Trofim, who wrote his dismissal letter.

Fundraising for Alexei S

I'm starting fundraising for living in the TSI, buying food and things, as well as paying for the commandant's office and lawsuits.

Fundraising for Elena B

I am starting a fundraiser because I find myself in a difficult situation

Financial aid to activist

Financial assistance, due to the difficult situation on the labor market for people with an active lifestyle.

Fundraiser for children of Antonina Konovalova and Sergey Yaroshevich

I was forced to flee from Belarus on September 10, 2020 together with my grandchildren, aged 4 and 6, first to Ukraine and then to Poland. Their parents, Antonina Konovalova and Sergey Yaroshevich, are activists of the “Country for Living”.

Helping Alexandra Mirontseva

Alexandra is the sister of two political prisoners who had to urgently leave Belarus due to criminal prosecution for political reasons. At the moment she is having difficulties finding a job in a foreign country and needs financial support.

Financial aid to Vasily G

I was not afraid to voice my opinion and now find myself in a difficult situation.

Financial assistance for relocation

Financial assistance for relocation to another country for a Belarusian man forced to flee from persecution by the authorities.

Help for the 14 families of the “Pinsk case”

We are relatives of 14 political prisoners who were convicted in August 2020 as part of the “Pinsk case” and ask for help. The “Pinsk case” is unprecedented in its own way: huge sentences and crazy lawsuits...

Financial aid to the Derevyago family

To support his family while he was retraining under the EPAM program. In October 2020, he was fired from his job for being an active citizen and trying to form an independent union

Emergency Relocation Due to Threat of Going Back to Jail

Really need your help in fundraising for relocation. I want to leave the country because of repression and criminal prosecution, absurdity and lawlessness. I want to be useful outside the country and do the best I can, which is impossible here.

Aid for Reshetnik Valery

Financial assistance for expenses after my wife and I were detained and 15 days of arrest

Aid for Oksana

Financial assistance for expenses after my detention and DFR search

Aid to Anastasia L.

Financial assistance for expenses after detention on Will Day

Fundraising to save man from Belarus

Every day it is more and more difficult for me to hide, and I want to ask those who have the opportunity to help me collect the necessary amount of money to be able to move to a safe place.

Financial Aid to Vladimir

Help for a Belarusian who stood up for his employees and took the full brunt of the blow as an employer.

Aid to Lobachev Valentin

I was prosecuted under Article 368 Part 1, I was fired from my job because of it, a lawyer is not cheap, so I decided to ask everyone for help.

Fundraiser for Dmitry’s relocation

Due to persecution in Minsk was forced to flee the country. Dmitry needs financial help to relocate and apply for political asylum.

Aid to the Kalykhan family

We want to go to a safe place from reprisals, as a criminal case was initiated. Was dismissed from work, served twenty-four hours, there is pressure on the minor son.

Aid to a disabled person of the 2nd group

Help for Igor Sidarovich, disabled sufferer of the regime, twice convicted under criminal articles 369, 342 part 1, because of participation in the protest movement.

Financial aid to Ivan Paszkiewicz

Ivan Paszkiewicz was expelled from the university and had to continue his studies in Poland.

Aid for surgery Oskirko Natalia

I am a group 2 disabled person with epilepsy. I broke my arm and there are cracks in the humerus. Surgery is required to insert spokes.

Financial assistance to D.V. Kulakov's family

On December 18, 2020 the court of the Shumilino district rendered the verdict against the social activist Dmitry Kulakov (my husband) — a resident of Shumilino, father of two young children. He was charged under Articles 364 and 369 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 3.5 years in “chemistry”.

Support Yulia Mikhailova

A fundraiser to support Yuliya and her family. The woman was jailed for 25 days for the sixth time, just because she is not indifferent to what is happening in Belarus. It's not easy for her family now, because her sick 56-year-old mother and brother were also detained in order to put pressure on Yulia.

Financial assistance to Olga Zolotar's Family

“Freedom is the right not to make another person feel bad when you sympathize with him.” This is how Olga described freedom in a letter to her loved ones. And Olga remains truly free even while in jail.

Peskov Family

Fundraising to transfer a grocery basket to prison.

Aid to Valentina

Financial aid to Valentina, who has become a defendant in a criminal case.

Support family of Vitold Ashurok

On May 21, Witold Ashurok, a man who lived by conscience, fought for freedom and was faithful to his convictions to the end, died.

Political prisoner Maksim Pavlyushchik

Maksim was sentenced to 2 years in a general regime penal colony for painting an inscription “We will not forget, we will not forgive,” in honor of the deceased demonstrator Alexander Taraikovsky. The family has a very difficult situation: mother 2nd group disabled, his father died February 19, 2021 from covid-19, and his wife is pregnant.

Financial Aid to the Frantsuzow Family

A single mom with two children was left with no income due to an injury she sustained while participating in the protests in August 2020.

Help for Evgeny Novik

This fundraising starts for a repressed Belarusian, forced to leave the country because of persecution by the current government.

Help Daria M

I served 2 days and was convicted for sitting near the Minsk sea with the BCB flag.

Financial Aid to repressed family of students

I am starting a fundraising for myself and my husband: we suffered from repression in Belarus, were beaten by security forces and expelled from universities, had to leave the country.

Help for student Daria

I was detained at the bus stop on my way home and the charges were trumped up.