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Private fundraising

Nikita Slepianka is a Gomel activist and administrator of the cultural-historical telegram channel Rezystans, who has been charged with “creating an extremist formation”. Now Nikita needs support to pay for a lawyer and to live in a pre-trial detention center.

On February 25, 2022, after the war began in Ukraine, Irina was forced to flee her home for the second time in a year. At this time, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a decree that allowed all accounts in Ukrainian banks to be frozen to citizens of Belarus and Russia, and Irina and her son evacuated practically without their belongings and without a penny of money.

After the events of 2020, our family broke apart into crumbs: we were forced to leave our home and homelands. Everything we had built up over the years disappeared in an instant. Having subjected us to detentions, violence, threats, searches — now the regime is bullying one of my own kind, holding him hostage in prison.

In 2020 I was fired from the factory for taking part in strikes, but despite being fired — I continued to go to marches and actions. Unfortunately, in 2021 I had to leave the country after being questioned by the investigative committee and threatened with a criminal case.

Because of criminal prosecution for political reasons, together with my husband and daughter we left Belarus and lived in Kiev until the beginning of the war. Now we are in Poland, we study Polish very hard and we have already found a chance to work in a Polish program aimed at medical workers. However, at this time we need help in order to arrange our life anew, for the second time.

My name is Victor. On December 23rd a criminal case was brought against me, under which I was transported to Pinsk, where I spent 3 days in the TDF and was released pending trial with restriction to travel abroad. I was put on the wanted list in Belarus and now I need help to settle in another country.

My name is Ivan and I am a former member of the military. I resigned in August 2020 in disagreement with the violence perpetrated by the Armed Forces during the protests in Belarus. I recently made the difficult decision to leave my home country and now need help to arrange a relocation.

Cultural activists Papa Bo (Alexander Bogdanov) and Max Kruk, known to many as the authors and implementers of the 2020 peaceful protest marches in Minsk, have fallen under repression in their home country and have been forced to leave Belarus. In order to continue working in the field of cultural resistance, Maxim and Alexander need financial support.

On February 24, 2022, the war caught Anna and Alexander in Gostomel and Bucha, the epicenter of fighting near Kiev. Unable to get out, they spent more than two weeks under shelling from Russian soldiers, hiding in a cold basement without light, gas or communications. On March 10, miraculously surviving, they were able to evacuate.

My name is Nikita Krasnokutsky and I am one of the founders of the “Youth Bloc” association and coordinator of the Minsk organization of the Hramada Party. On April 4, I was detained by the KGB and my house was searched. Under threats of a criminal case, I was forced to “agree” to cooperate, after which I decided to urgently leave Belarus.

During the bombing of Kiev by military missiles, my mother was badly frightened and fell from a stepladder, seriously injuring her internal organs. This was March 17, 2022, in the midst of the siege of Kiev. Now we need help to fight for my mother's life.

My name is Tsupriyanchik Pavel and I am 19 years old. Previously I was actively involved in the protest movement, regularly attending protests and contributing to the fight against the regime. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I started passing on information about the movement of Russian troops in my city, after which the KGB became interested in me.

Purpose to pay for the collection and filling out documents to obtain the old pobytom by" roots " without the card of the Pole in the Republic of Poland.

Yulia Goryachko is a human rights activist and former political prisoner who had her communication equipment, laptop, camera and money confiscated. Recently a second criminal case began, after which Yulia had to urgently relocate. At the moment, Yulia needs help to continue her relocation, adaptation, health recovery, and to purchase equipment in order to continue her human rights work.

After the August 9-10 elections, I was an active participant in all the protest rallies and street actions against the riot police in Brest, where I was injured due to beatings with batons and rubber bullets. In June they took me away from my job because I was wanted and a criminal case was brought against me, after which I was sentenced to two years in jail. After learning about the threat of imprisonment, I decided to leave Belarus.

My name is Shakun Vladimir and I am sentenced to 2 years of “chemo” for insulting the president and flag desecration. At this period of time, serving my sentence, my money is not enough even for the necessities of life. Need help to buy groceries and household supplies.

Elena and Anastasia Yakut's family was forced to flee Belarus in 2021 because of ongoing political persecution against them. The Yakut family is currently in Estonia and needs help paying their rent.

After the events of 2020, I was under constant pressure from the authorities: searches, interrogations, detention as a suspect under Article 361-1. As a result, I had to leave the country and part with my family and business. Now I need help to settle in a new country and organize the relocation of my loved ones.

I am a member of the extended CC and at the moment I am in a camp for foreigners in Grópa (Grudziądz, Poland), but my stay in the camp is only possible until May 16, the day my medical insurance ends. Now my condition is worsening rapidly: I cannot walk or see well and my left hand is the only thing that works. I need support to regain my health and get settled in my new country.

Wanting to express my disagreement with the military actions on the territory of Ukraine, I decided to lay flowers near the Embassy of Ukraine in Belarus. I was detained and sentenced to 15 days in jail and then dismissed from the place of distribution for truancy. Now I need support to pay the amount I was written out as “reimbursement for university tuition”.

Anita is a talented girl with artistic interests, who finished school perfectly, passed her exams well and wanted to enter a university this year. But all the girl's plans collapsed in an instant: on the morning of February 23, when Anita was sleeping the SWAT raided her apartment, followed by a search, a stay at the police department and in Okrestino. To this day, Anita has never been released and is in pre-trial detention.

I am starting a fundraising for myself and my husband: we suffered from repression in Belarus, were beaten by security forces and expelled from universities, had to leave the country.

A fundraiser to support Yuliya and her family. The woman was jailed for 25 days for the sixth time, just because she is not indifferent to what is happening in Belarus. It's not easy for her family now, because her sick 56-year-old mother and brother were also detained in order to put pressure on Yulia.

Maksim was sentenced to 2 years in a general regime penal colony for painting an inscription “We will not forget, we will not forgive,” in honor of the deceased demonstrator Alexander Taraikovsky. The family has a very difficult situation: mother 2nd group disabled, his father died February 19, 2021 from covid-19, and his wife is pregnant.

Fundraising to transfer a grocery basket to prison.

“Freedom is the right not to make another person feel bad when you sympathize with him.” This is how Olga described freedom in a letter to her loved ones. And Olga remains truly free even while in jail.

Ruslan Badamshin, a functional diagnostician, was fired from the Russian Scientific and Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery. The reason for the dismissal was that on April 8, after leaving Zhodzina pre-trial detention center after 15 days of administrative arrest, the doctor came to work in Minsk two hours late.

Ivan Paszkiewicz was expelled from the university and had to continue his studies in Poland.

The fundraising is open for the former 1st year student of BNTU Tribul Trofim, who wrote his dismissal letter.

On December 18, 2020 the court of the Shumilino district rendered the verdict against the social activist Dmitry Kulakov (my husband) — a resident of Shumilino, father of two young children. He was charged under Articles 364 and 369 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 3.5 years in “chemistry”.

This fundraising starts for a repressed Belarusian, forced to leave the country because of persecution by the current government.

I was forced to flee from Belarus on September 10, 2020 together with my grandchildren, aged 4 and 6, first to Ukraine and then to Poland. Their parents, Antonina Konovalova and Sergey Yaroshevich, are activists of the “Country for Living”.

On May 21, Witold Ashurok, a man who lived by conscience, fought for freedom and was faithful to his convictions to the end, died.

I'm starting fundraising for living in the TSI, buying food and things, as well as paying for the commandant's office and lawsuits.

I have worked as a college teacher (last job for 14 years). However, due to my activism during the elections of 2020 and the subsequent repressions, my contract was not renewed. Finding a job in the near future is not possible.

A single mom with two children was left with no income due to an injury she sustained while participating in the protests in August 2020.

I served 2 days and was convicted for sitting near the Minsk sea with the BCB flag.

I was detained at the bus stop on my way home and the charges were trumped up.

I, a mother on maternity leave, had to leave Belarus with my youngest child to avoid going to jail. Now we are in Poland. We have no money, housing, kindergarten and work. Everything takes time.

I am starting a fundraiser because I find myself in a difficult situation

Financial assistance, due to the difficult situation on the labor market for people with an active lifestyle.

Alexandra is the sister of two political prisoners who had to urgently leave Belarus due to criminal prosecution for political reasons. At the moment she is having difficulties finding a job in a foreign country and needs financial support.

I was not afraid to voice my opinion and now find myself in a difficult situation.

Financial assistance for relocation to another country for a Belarusian man forced to flee from persecution by the authorities.

We are relatives of 14 political prisoners who were convicted in August 2020 as part of the “Pinsk case” and ask for help. The “Pinsk case” is unprecedented in its own way: huge sentences and crazy lawsuits...

To support his family while he was retraining under the EPAM program. In October 2020, he was fired from his job for being an active citizen and trying to form an independent union

Really need your help in fundraising for relocation. I want to leave the country because of repression and criminal prosecution, absurdity and lawlessness. I want to be useful outside the country and do the best I can, which is impossible here.

Financial assistance for expenses after my wife and I were detained and 15 days of arrest

Financial assistance for expenses after my detention and DFR search

Financial assistance for expenses after detention on Will Day

Every day it is more and more difficult for me to hide, and I want to ask those who have the opportunity to help me collect the necessary amount of money to be able to move to a safe place.

I am a group 2 disabled person with epilepsy. I broke my arm and there are cracks in the humerus. Surgery is required to insert spokes.

Helping a Belarussian who is fighting for his business and his employees.

Let's help Maria, who was not afraid to stand up to the tuneyadic decree, to survive the horrors and atrocities of the current regime.

Financial aid to Valentina, who has become a defendant in a criminal case.

Help for the family after arrest and fine under Article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offences.

My husband was sentenced to 3 years in prison because of a comment on VKontakte and I was left alone with two children.

I was prosecuted under Article 368 Part 1, I was fired from my job because of it, a lawyer is not cheap, so I decided to ask everyone for help.

Asking for civil society's help in raising money for the Relocate.

We want to go to a safe place from reprisals, as a criminal case was initiated. Was dismissed from work, served twenty-four hours, there is pressure on the minor son.

Help for Igor Sidarovich, disabled sufferer of the regime, twice convicted under criminal articles 369, 342 part 1, because of participation in the protest movement.

Help for a family who was in an accident while leaving Belarus in an emergency. Now it is necessary to observe a bed regime and to buy a considerable quantity of medicines, and after that rehabilitation for several months is required.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to pay the fine that was imposed by the court as an administrative penalty for participating in rallies and picketing in Minsk in May-June 2021.

A single mother was sentenced by the court to 2 years of “home chemistry” and forced to pay compensation of 2,000 rubles for the poop emoji under a photo of a policeman. Now the family needs help more than ever.

Fundraising to pay a fine for a BCB sticker on a car, under Art 24.23 awarded a maximum of one hundred bases.

I was convicted for insulting an employee in a telegram chat, I just left a comment under a video where people were detained who were just driving in their cars, where they pulled everyone out of their cars.

Fled from Belarus on April 22 to Poland. Help to get on their feet, collect the child to school, pay for housing. It is impossible to live in the camp, as it is outside the city limits. No money for clothes and food.

Help for a family with many children where the father is a political prisoner.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to cover the cost of paying the fine under s. 24.23

She was detained in March at a rally, as a result of which she spent almost three days on Okrestina and received a fine of 60 basic units.

Help pay for a lawyer, groceries, and things to send to mother of 2 Tatyana Zverko, who was sentenced to 1 year 6 months in a minimum security penitentiary.

To pay a fine of 300 basic units to a former state media journalist convicted under Article 341 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Support for the Leshko family, convicted in the “roundabout case” and forced to leave the territory of Belarus.

Support for a family with many children. 10 children, two of them disabled. They were threatened with removal of their children by the KGB because of their participation in peaceful protests. The difficult situation forced the family to leave the country.

For housing and preparing children for school for a medical family with two children who had to flee the country in an emergency.

I was forced to leave Belarus in an emergency after being searched and accused of extremism. On the way to the border I got into a serious traffic accident. Now I can't work and I need medical treatment. My child stayed in Belarus and while I am physically unable to take him here, I have to provide for all his living expenses with relatives.

Almost 2 months I am “on the run” (political persecution for publicly insulting the president, was in the TDF, escaped from the investigation), I need financial help for food and temporary stay in Ukraine until I get a visa, for visa registration, insurance and tickets for myself and family (husband and two children), and also payment for housing for the first time in Poland, until we get a job.

Financial support for a musician who organized backyard concerts and activities. He was sentenced to three years in “chemistry” for a comment on the Internet. Now he is forced to leave the country.

Financial support for 2 political prisoners from the same family who were convicted of blocking railroad tracks.

The court sentenced 21-year-old Dmitry Gopta with mental disabilities to two years in prison for his participation in the August 10 protests in Zhlobin, when people went into the square and demanded fair elections. He needs help.

Support for political prisoner Artyom Kasach, who was sentenced to 1.6 years of chemo with a referral for commenting on the internet.

I found myself in a difficult financial situation, having received a fine of 150 Bbl. + 10% of OPI collection. The fine is almost completely paid, there is only 300 Belarusian rubles left to collect. I was fired from my job and have two young children to support, unmarried.

Need help for the two admins of the Lebyazhiy 97% telegram channel who had to leave Belarus. Money for the first time to settle life abroad.

Participated in Sergei Tikhanovsky's streamers, after which she was fired from her job. Was fined 6 times under Art. 23.34. Assisted in collecting signatures and later became an authorized representative of S. Tikhanovskaya. I haven't worked for a year.

On May 17 of this year we were detained with my husband and taken to the Frunzensky District Police Department. On May 18th court of Frunzenski borough court sentenced my husband to 15 days in jail and me to a fine of 100 basic units. I was fired from work. I have a child, and my husband is also out of work.

I am in a difficult situation. Since August 2020 I have been tried 3 times on five administrative reports. In the spring of 2020, convicted under the CC, awarded 2.5 years of home chemistry, compensation for moral suits to police officers, and fired from my job.

Could not keep silent, did what tens and hundreds of thousands of my countrymen who do not care about the fate of their homeland...

Fired from his job for his civic position. Can't get an official job. A fine of 70 b.v. was imposed.

A report was made on me and a criminal case was filed because I drew a white-red-white flag. I was given a fine of 100 basic units.

My name is Maxim. Since July 2021 I have been serving a sentence in the penitentiary under Article 369 of the Criminal Code (insult), and my spouse with a baby is left at home. The purpose of the collection is to help my spouse to buy things, groceries, and necessities for the baby.

A 37-year-old girl drew a white-red-white flag on three poles and was fined 250 basic units.

I was forced to leave Belarus in an emergency because I was awaiting trial on a political criminal case, even though I had already been convicted of 3 years of “chemo”. I twisted my leg while crossing to a safe place. It turned out that I had a fracture with displacement and torn ligaments.

I am asking for financial help to go to the Republic of Belarus with my 9-year-old son. In her home country she was an ICGI “Our Home” volunteer, forced to leave the Republic of Belarus after a search and interrogation.

Caught in a difficult financial situation — under Art. 24.23 received a fine of 100 BW and 10 BW OPI collection. Of the income — the pension 476 rubles, half goes on drugs. I hope for help, I will pay for part of it myself. If there is surplus, will forward to help others in need.

I am in a difficult financial situation after the decision of the Court. After deductions and payment of loans from the salary I have 400 rubles, on which I support my family and help my grandmother.

After release was left without financial cushion and work (and work is hard to find with my “criminal” past) money is needed to improve health, to move to another country, to distribute debts (which have arisen due to my situation).

On July 3, 2021 my spouse, Sokol Vladimir, was taken into custody in the courtroom, charged with two years in prison and compensation for moral damages, for insult and threat to life. As of today I am on maternity leave to care for a child, who is three months old. We have a large family. We live in a rented apartment.

On the evening of August 10, my comrades and I dared to walk through Mogilev shouting “Zhyve Belarus”. As a sign of anniversary and disagreement with the current government. A neighbor called the police and we were detained.

After leaving the TDF on Okrestina lost her job. From time to time I worked under a contract. Now I am looking for a job. My husband was convicted for 9 years, we have a daughter who is 4 years old. The apartment is rented. Need help while I look for work.

Needs help. I have nothing to eat, never found a job. Retired from the internal affairs agencies back in September 2020.

Catherine was actively involved in an election campaign, and because of this she was in danger of being persecuted. She had to urgently leave the country with 2 children (a daughter 12 years old and a son 3 years old). Now she needs help.

Ambulance paramedic Pauline Loyko was detained and sent to serve 25 days in detention. After that she was fired from her job. She needs help.

I was forced to flee with two minor children from Belarus from criminal prosecution in an emergency. I am in a difficult situation. I need shelter, food, preparation for school and kindergarten, clothes, and finances to support the children in the beginning, as there is no one to help.

Due to criminal prosecution I had to leave the country urgently. I was fired from my job for political reasons and also lost my housing. Need medical assistance as well as re-qualification.

Since September 2020 our family was persecuted by the authorities. In September, I was convicted under 23.34 for participating in rallies, where a police officer was a witness. Before the trial, the “witness” summoned me and in the office together with his “colleague” they threatened me, insulted and humiliated me.

Support for the home association fined for regularly displaying the flag on the facade between August and October 2020.

Mikhail Kalishuk was sentenced to four years in a maximum security penal colony. We need help for transfers to the prison and for winter clothes.

My name is Daniel and I am an orphan. I was convicted in the “roundhouse” case and in the case of broken cells — article 339 part 2. The punishment — 2 years of restriction of freedom with referral to the penitentiary. I don't have the means to pack for “chemo” and live there. It will be hard to find a job there, but I will look for one. I want to raise at least some money for the first time.

My name is Konstantin — I was actively involved in the Mogilev protest movement. For the last five years I was a technical administrator of the opposition news resource 6tv — now I am a defendant in a criminal case on terrorism. I and my family (my wife and two children, 9 and 2.5 years old) are threatened with persecution — I was forced to leave the country

Because of an arrest for political hair color, she was fired from her job. Problems have arisen with the police. Difficulties with finding a new job, as she has a small child under the age of 3, raising her daughter alone. She needs help.

A mother of a minor child was charged under Article 23.24. For unauthorized picketing demonstrating her political interests, an A4 sheet became a red rag.

Our son was detained for participating in a protest on August 9, 2020. He was charged under criminal article 293 part 2, but was released under the personal guarantee of his mother (Svetlana) and father (Andrey) at the time of the investigation. He did not appear at the trial.

Andrei Seltzer actively participated in the 2020 protests against the rigged presidential election and even wrote a manifesto urging those who disagreed with what was happening to “go all the way.” And he himself was the first to follow it, when seven KGB officers began breaking into his house, he picked up a shotgun.

I worked as the manager of the Craft House. I was fired under a far-fetched article, but in fact I was fired for expressing my civic position. Three towels of “forbidden” flowers on the loggia was grounds for an administrative case.

There was a clash with the traffic police at a rally in Grodno. He was assigned to work at a collective farm for a minimum wage. Need funds to support the family, pay for utilities, circles and kindergarten for children.

On September 23, at the inauguration in Minsk in the Serebryanka neighborhood, I participated in the blocking of the road. Because of this the traffic was disrupted, namely the trolleybus. I was expelled from the college because I left to serve my sentence in the city of Mogilev in IUOT 43.

Treatment and rehabilitation after severe Covid-19 (IVL as 90% lung damage) forced to be outside of RB for political reasons and unable to work now.

I was forced to leave the RB to avoid criminal prosecution for political reasons. Considering that I am in the status of a person waiting for migration, I have no right to work. In this case, it becomes difficult to support a family with two children. Waiting status is considered for six months.

Assistance in treatment after stroke. A mother of 34 years old with many children was taken away by the ambulance after being detained by security forces in Pruzhany on 10.08.2020 because she felt bad. Yulia Sakharuk was diagnosed with a stroke and paralyzed on the left side of her body. Yulia needs rehabilitation.

Due to the threat of criminal prosecution, the entire family has been forced to leave the country. Assistance is needed to cover urgent living expenses until they are able to find employment.

I lived in Minsk and worked in a factory. I was fired after they found out I was at the rallies. They threatened to fire me. I lost my job and housing, because I lived in a dormitory from the factory. I am an orphan. I have no one else to turn to for help.

He was sentenced for 1.5 years of imprisonment on political articles. He is in pre-trial detention center, awaiting a transfer to a penal colony. Convicted under three articles: insulting the president, insulting police officers and slandering a police officer.

After prison, there were complications that could lead to infertility. After consultation, the doctor recommended a paid examination to prescribe treatment.

Helping political prisoner Sergei Konstantinovich Detsuku to collect parcels, packages and money orders. When his mother was harshly detained by the riot police for participation in the action, he stood up for her, for which he received 3 years in prison.

Emergency Relocation — when you don't have more than an hour to gather. You put your documents and a change of clothes in your backpack, take your child by the hand, leave the house and turn off your phone. When your whole life is behind you and the dangerous road into the unknown lies ahead. On the day of the raid, three activists in a race against time were able to leave their hometown.

Returning home after a rally, publicly tore down a flag and threw it on the ground. This led to a criminal case under Article 370, for desecration of a national flag.

I am Vitaly Petrovich Shitikov. In August 2020 I took an active part against falsification of the presidential election, in the course of which I was wounded with a flash-bang grenade. I was imprisoned for 3 days in the TDF and 7 days in SIZO-1. The court sentence was two years of chemistry, and then I was released on the order of the same court and after a month I was given 2 years and 6 months of a real sentence in a general regime colony. Since June 3 I have been on the run.

I, Alexander Kornyshev, am the deputy head of BY ORG “Alternativa” and the owner of the online media outlet “Vitebsk Courier news”. In order to avoid detention and arrest, I was forced to leave for Ukraine. Due to a difficult life situation I need material assistance.

The Leaflet Print Co-op had been in existence for four years. We had always positioned ourselves as a social project and tried to support projects that were beneficial to society. Because of our civic position and support of the protest, GUBOPKI completely deprived us of the possibility to continue our activities and forced us to leave the country.

On 10.08.2021, the Leninsky District Court of Mogilev sentenced Ignatovich Alexander Evgenievich to 2.5 years of restriction of freedom with referral to IUOT-26 for commenting on an assistant prosecutor and a police officer under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of the RB. Alexander is left with 2 minor children.

She placed one tulip at the scene of Alexander Taraikovsky's death and, subsequently, was detained for doing so. The funds raised will be used to ensure that the innocently convicted pensioner continues her normal activities of life.

I am in Gdansk, arrived about a month ago. I was forced to flee due to criminal prosecution under a political article. Just graduated from college, left without a job.

My family had to flee the country because of persecution by the Lukashenko regime. My father and I were criminally prosecuted for “roundhouse” and put in a pre-trial detention center pending a court verdict. After the sentence of 2 years of “chemo,” we had to flee the country illegally across several borders.

Helped with groceries for the affected families, they came for us. Now studying in Slovakia and I need your help.

Square of Change chat room administrator, organizer of backyard concerts and tea parties, was restoring a mural in Square of Change. She was sentenced to two years of home chemistry. Was forced to leave Belarus.

On August 10, 2020, I was detained. I was beaten and taken to the police station. I was sentenced to 15 days under Article 23.34. Then a criminal case was brought against me under Article 363 Part 2 for resisting an officer while on duty. Namely, for the fact that I had run over a police officer with my car

Sergei Monich has been active in peaceful protests since August 2020 against rigged presidential elections and further violence. He has 5 convictions under Article 23.34.In December 2020. He was jailed for writing the truth on the wall.He has two young children. We ask for help to support the children.

Human rights activist Leonid Sudalenko and activist Tatiana Lasitsa were sentenced to 3 and 2.5 years in prison. For a long time Leonid and Tatsiana have been helping Belarusians and Belarussians to defend their rights — now it's our turn to support these brave people!

Dmitry Furmanov was kidnapped on May 29, 2020 while collecting signatures for presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and was held hostage for 1.5 years. Assistance is needed for recovery and psychological recovery.

My spouse Sokolovsky Andrey Stanislavovich was detained and convicted under Articles 364 and 342 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment to be served in a strict regime colony. As of today our family is left without its main breadwinner. My spouse and I have a minor child, who is undergoing a rehabilitation course with a psychologist after my spouse was detained.

Rustam Aizatulin, an orthopedic trauma surgeon, is forced to leave the country due to his inability to find work. In addition to his main job, he counseled children from three charitable projects.

My son — Salmanovich Denis was brutally detained by GUBOPIK with a search of his house and dacha. Financial help is needed for a lawyer, transfers to the SIZO-1 and the life of the family of the prisoner, as now there is no way to earn money.

They fled the country with their two children after their spouse went to a peaceful election protest after the election. After that a criminal case under Article 1Ch.342 and 364 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus was brought against her.

Ulyana was part of the MTZ strike committee. She organized the Italian strike at her plant and joined the national strike, after which she was fired. There was detention by KGB officers, who explained that the next detention would not be under an administrative article and that she was undesirable in this country.

A young family, having served 224 days for two on Okrestin, was forced to leave the country urgently. They need money to live in a foreign country.

Alexei was detained for a comment on the internet and sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison. While we were waiting for the court, our son was born. At the moment he is 6 months old. Due to this, we need financial support for utilities, food, transfers.

I, Alexander, have been unreasonably detained and beaten several times, at peaceful protests. I am in need of medical assistance. I am currently studying at the European Humanities University and am in Lithuania.

Participated in peaceful rallies for the rights and freedoms of Belarusian citizens. During one of the rallies she was beaten and detained by the police. Because of her injuries she needed an urgent operation on her spine.

My husband, Nikolai Kovalevsky, wrote a comment with the word “RUNNING” under the photo of the riot police driver. He was sentenced to 1.6 years of chemo with a referral for that. We have three children, and were also awarded to pay 1000 rubles of moral damages, as well as confiscated the phone.

I want to go to another country with my child. I was given the maximum penalty for BCB tape in my car. Despite the fact that I am raising my child alone. While the sentence is on appeal, I have time.

A local tax office charged 11,000 Belarusian rubles for income tax during an unscheduled inspection. The inspection was not carried out in a proper way. And I am convinced that it was politically motivated, because during the last year I actively expressed my civic position, taking part in all kinds of initiatives.

Father and mother lost their jobs and can't find a new one right now. Three younger children are in school, two in college and at the Agricultural Academy. Ilya Dubsky received five years in a minimum-security penal colony.

Collection of funds to help political prisoner Yana Pinchuk, for legal assistance of lawyers, material support of life support of the prisoner in SIZO №5 of UFSIN of RUSSIA SPb and Leningrad region.

Natalia Strelchenko and her husband were actively involved in political activities in Belarus. They were forced to leave the country because of threats and repressions. Because of their illness they cannot fully provide themselves with everything they need. They need material support.

We were actively involved in the protests. A family of 5 people. We were forced to leave Belarus. We were left without means of subsistence. For the first 2 months we need money for accommodation and food.

He was detained on September 4, 2020 and sentenced to 4.5 years for criticizing authorities. He was accused of intentionally inciting racial, national and social hatred.

My son was tried under article 293 part 2. One day he didn't show up for court and my grandmother and I were given a fine for failure to comply with bail of 300 basic + 10% executors want. I have 2 other minor children and have another child coming soon.

Kurgansky Alexander, detained about for liking a comment. The so-called “Zeltser case”. Now he is charged under two articles of the Criminal Code (369 and 130 part 3). Alexander has worked in Ministry of Emergency Situations for more than 15 years, he is an honest man, devoted to his work and people.

Ten people will soon, probably in January, have a trial in the case of the anarchist organisation Revolutionary Action. The charge includes 16 articles with a maximum sentence of up to 15 years. With this case, the punitive system is taking revenge on the anarchists for years of successful struggle. This collection aims to support political prisoners and their families.

Supporting an activist who took the liberty of speaking sharply negative about the authorities. But since our collective farm authorities are not ready to accept any criticism, his statement was considered an insult. The activist was put in a high-security colony, where he served his term in full. During his imprisonment, his state of health deteriorated badly. Now he needs several operations, followed by a long rehabilitation process.

In May, they came to my house with a search, presented a suspicion under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. After the interrogation I was detained for 72 hours. On October 6-7 a trial was held and I was sentenced to 3 years of “home chemistry” and moral damages to 9 female officers of the riot police.

I posted a smiley face with the emblem “Pogony” and “Live Belarus!” For this I was summoned to a talk, and in the evening — to court, the fine was exorbitant. I appealed, but the court decision was upheld. Also — a summons to the prosecutor's office, a detachment came to the house, and the adult children were summoned to the SK.

My name is Alesya. I am from Minsk. My family suffered from the Lukashenko regime. We have two children. Now I live in Lithuania. I entered the Maritime Academy. I ask for help to pay the tuition, as at the moment it is an unaffordable amount for our family.

A political prisoner has two children left at home. The children need medical examination and treatment.

Leonid was detained on 10.06.2021 and sentenced to 4 years. At present he is in the penal colony #3. Leonid was an election observer, prepared letters to the prosecutor's office and distributed leaflets. He was convicted under three articles: insulting the president, calling for violence, and resisting the authorities.

A mother and her son escaped criminal prosecution from Belarus. The boy urgently needs to have metal structures removed from his legs, which have dislocated and are causing him terrible pain.

Anarcho-partisans received heavy sentences: Igor Olinevich — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Rezanovich — 19 years in prison; Sergey Romanov — 20 years in prison; Dmitry Dubovsky — 18 years in prison. They are accused of terrorism for setting fire to the premises and cars of members of the punitive system.

In August 2020, I was a member of an opposition group on Telegram and supported a protest movement. For this reason, in August 2021 I was detained by officers of GUBOPIK, opened a criminal case under Art. 342 part. 1 and placed me in the TDF. Due to security threats, my family and I were forced to leave the country immediately after my release from the TDF.

After the 2020 protests, my wife was fired from her job and began to be pressured: endless subpoenas to the police and the prosecutor's office. She was sentenced under Article 369 of the Criminal Code for a year and a half of chemo with a referral. Because of the repression and pressure on my family — we were completely deprived of financial income.

Anastasia Strelkova is a member of the extended Coordinating Council, who helped victims of peaceful demonstrations. Due to criminal prosecution she had to leave the country. In July 2021 she received a serious open head injury because of an accident. In October she was emergency hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

Together with my spouse we actively participated in protests and collected signatures against election fraud. In September we were detained. At the ROVD they insulted my wife, threatened to confiscate my three children and institute criminal proceedings. The whole year we were interrogated and had “prophylactic talks”.

Due to threats of a criminal case, I had to leave the country urgently with my minor child, whom I am raising alone. One day they came to our house and searched our house. They took me to the Investigative Committee for interrogation, where they hinted at a possible development of events (institution of a criminal case). I spent three days in Okrestina, after which I was convicted and fined.

In the fall the enforcers came to our house. Together with my husband they took us to Okrestina until the verdict was pronounced. During the trial it turned out that I was pregnant. Instead of a day they gave me a fine of 90 bones. While in the cell, I contracted coronavirus and was in the hospital after my release.

My name is Sergei. In January 2021 I was detained and sent to “Okrestin”. I was discussed for 3 years of “chemo” and was written out to compensate for moral damage to a “power” officer and a “judge” in the amount of 5000 rubles. After these events I lost my job and had to leave the country. My family stayed in Belarus and I want to move them to my country. I very much need help in this situation.

Tatyana Batura spent 45 days in isolation, 20 of them in the punishment cell and 13 in hunger strike on Okrestina, who was detained before the trial of Olga Zolotar. During this time Tatiana's father died of COVID-19. The girl was released by the court in order to take part in the funeral, after which she left the country.

I am a pensioner, 64 years old. On the day of memory of Roman Bondarenko I put a candle on the window, for which I was fined 70 basic units. I hope that the rule of law in our country will soon defeat this outrage.

I have been an active participant in protests since August 2020. Previously I was tried on an administrative case, now on a criminal case for condemnation of torture and abuse of power of law enforcement agencies.

In Belarus I helped political prisoners. In March I was beaten by plainclothes officers and broke four of my ribs. I had to flee to Russia, where I lived and underwent medical treatment for some time, until in December I was detained by the FSB. After that I fled to Ukraine.

I have been an active participant in anti-violence protests. For this reason, I was fired from my job as an obstetrician-gynecologist in Minsk, and there were several searches and robberies in my apartment. I was forced to move urgently and am now in need of funds to relocate my family.

I was forced to flee Belarus because I fear for my future and my life. I was given two hours to gather my things. For this reason, now, in a foreign country, I have only a small bag with the essentials. I would like to ask for help in order to start my life from scratch.

I was a member of Victor Babariko's initiative group. For this reason, the bosses decided to fire me. I have been working at the post office for 30 years, and now I am having difficulty finding a new place in a small town. I am raising my son alone.

My name is Roberto Casanueva. I have lived in Belarus for 30 years, where I have a family. In August 2020 I could not remain indifferent to the violence committed and participated in protests. In November 2020 I was detained and sent to Okrestina, where I stayed for a year. After my release, I was deported from the country. Now I need help to start my life anew.

For a long time, our family has been receiving threats from the security forces. For this reason, my brother had to urgently leave the country at short notice. I helped him with the documents. Our family was already under surveillance, and now there is a danger of being detained “for helping us escape”. Need help with paperwork for my brother and temporary residence in another country.

I actively participated in marches, served administrative arrests, was expelled from university and fired from my job for my civic stance. Recently I was convicted in a criminal case for participation in mass events and sentenced to 3 years of “chemistry”. Due to lack of personal savings, need help to pay for a lawyer and buy basic necessities.

My name is Alexei. I was a member of the MTZ strike committee and participated in a nationwide strike. Active citizenship was the reason for my detention. I had to serve my time in Okrestina and Zhodino, where physical and psychological violence was committed against me.

I have a group 2 disability due to a general illness. I had to leave the country because of a criminal case.

In August 2021, I was detained and stayed in SIZO-1 for three months. After which I was given a sentence: «3 years of chemo with a referral.» Was forced to leave the country urgently before my sentence began.

Served time on Okrestin under Article 24.23, which caused me to lose my job. After I was released, I was under surveillance and a criminal case was opened against me. I had to leave Belarus urgently.

My mother, Larissa Kuzmenko, was detained on August 6, 2021 for the events of September 27, 2020. She was helping people during the protests. Mom was diagnosed with a depressive-stress condition with claustrophobic syndrome. On December 2, 2021, Mom was sentenced to 2 years in a general population prison.

My name is Vladimir Nikolayevich Sushko. I am a political prisoner and now I am in PSIOT-24 for commenting on the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I need help to pay for a lawyer and to file a complaint to international instances.

I was sentenced to 3 years of “chemistry” after being in custody on Okrestin. When I found out about the sentence I had to urgently leave the country. At home I was left with my retired mother, who had no one to support me except me.

In November 2020, I was convicted under Article 23.34 for marching pictures. At the same time my friend was on trial. She was recently rearrested and imprisoned under Article 342 Part 1, and since our situations were similar, I became concerned about my fate and the fate of my child. This prompted an emergency relocation.

My name is Kira and I have been disabled group 3 since childhood. During the protest movement, I participated in marches and courtyard initiatives, because of which I was detained and placed in a detention center for six months. Now together with my husband we have to leave the country, because we are again summoned for interrogations.

Recently, due to active citizenship, I was detained. I was convicted under Article 369 of the Criminal Code for insulting officers while on duty and sentenced to two years in a penal colony with referral to the penal colony. I was left at home with a wife on maternity leave and two children.

A New Year's gift in the amount of 3 years in prison was received from the court by Stanislav Mochalov, a brave, honest, IT professional, on January 3, 2022. Article 342 of the Criminal Code for the opportunity to speak freely and move around the streets of the city with legal crossing of the roadway, Article 364 of the Criminal Code for self-defense and the need for a real man to protect the weaker from aggression.

Severin Kwiatkowski was detained by riot police with violence on January 19, 2022. He was charged under Article 369 “for insulting a public official in connection with the performance of his official duties”. Severin Kwiatkowski spent three days in the detention center in Pinsk, where visual and sound effects experiments were conducted on his psyche.

In August 2020, I, like many other Belarusians, made my choice and defended it. Because of this, I had to endure administrative cases and fines for participating in rallies, and later I was detained in a criminal case and placed in a detention center.

I worked as an electrician at the city's SU. After the 2020 elections, I openly showed my active civic position, participated in rallies and marches held in the city. After Freedom March I was fired from my job. Employment was refused everywhere without explanation.

On October 4, 2020, I was detained while marching near Okrestin. I served 13 days of administrative detention, after which I was not released and a criminal case under Article 342 part 1. I was sentenced to 1.5 years in a penal colony.

After being detained by GUBOP officers, removed from the border, days of administrative detention, a sentence of three years of home chemistry, and seized documents and equipment, life is divided into before and after. A successful bar manager and loving father turned into a housebound, unemployed and fading man.

I was a protest channel administrator and worked as a doctor in Belarus, but was forced to leave for Europe due to threats of arrest. Now I cannot work in my profession, as I only learn the language, get ready to pass the exam and confirm my documents. I need help to live the first period in emigration.

I was recently detained after I was attacked by unknown assailants outside a store where I was shopping for groceries. After I was detained, I was hospitalized and during this time a criminal case was filed against me. Need help paying for tickets and emergency relocation expenses due to the threat of arrest.

My name is Daniel Tashtimirov and I am 19 years old. After participating in rallies and a series of problems with representatives of the so-called authorities, my family and I were forced to leave the country because we want to speak freely about our position. Now we need help to get settled in a new country.

I, Lepeshev Svyatoslav Nikolaevich, was sentenced for commentary to 4 years of restriction of freedom with a referral to the penal colony. My family was left without means of subsistence, as I was the main source of income in the family. My wife is not able to pay the loan for the apartment and the education of 2 minor children.

After being criticized by the leadership at the Olympics, they tried to get me out of Tokyo to Belarus. I managed to escape but had to leave my family in Belarus. My parents lost their financial income because my father suffered a stroke and my mother was diagnosed with cancer two months ago.

I have been sentenced under Article 364 to 3 years of chemo with a referral. Because of this I lost my job, thanks to which I was the breadwinner of my family — my parents and two minor daughters.

My name is Dmitriy. In August and September 2021 I participated in rallies in Brest, for which I was sentenced to a year and a half on the “roundhouse case”. In places of restraint, due to hard physical work, my health deteriorated. Doctors said I now needed hip replacement surgery.

I am a country boy, a father of four, who disagrees with the policies of an unchanging, lying government, and I am not afraid to hide that fact. I have been sentenced to 2.5 years of home chemistry for this. Need help to pay for an operation I can't pay for myself.

My name is Maria. I was sentenced for a comment in a telegram channel to 1 year of “chemo” with a referral to the PSI. My husband Arseny and I, who wrote several popular protest songs in 2020 under the pseudonym AP$ENT. As of late, we were forced to leave Belarus urgently.

Well-known protest blogger Maxim Shabutsky is forced to flee Belarus because of threats of imprisonment. For more than a year and a half the blogger has been in deep underground, which he recently found. At the moment, Maksim needs funds to relocate and live in another country while settling down.

I was detained at one of the rallies in the city of Vitebsk because of my civic position and participation in the protest actions in Minsk. Because of the pressure of the officers of GUBOPIK, I left the Republic of Belarus and now I need help to rent a house in another country.

After a wave of detentions and administrative arrests in August 2020, our family found itself in a difficult situation. In the aftermath of these events, we faced problems at work and, consequently, our financial situation.

My name is Alexander, I am an activist for change who suffered a triple fracture of the spine and a CMT after being arrested and subjected to numerous beatings. In June 2020 I served 16 days in the TDF and TsIP. Hid from police during a search of an apartment and now needs help to buy basic necessities.

Sometimes it happens that volunteers themselves need help. That's what happened to me. I was forced to leave Belarus because of persecution by the regime and now I found myself alone in a foreign country without a place to live or money to buy food. I would be grateful for any help.

Sergei Sakovets, chief power engineer, was detained right at his workplace for subscribing to the extremist telegram channel “Real Belarus”. Sergei has been in pre-trial detention for 5 months now. Sergei's mother is a group 3 invalid who needs help while her son is incarcerated.

The family of political prisoner Dmitriy Viktorovich Bunevich, convicted of protesting in 2021 to a year and eight months in a maximum security prison, needs help. Dmitry was the family's only source of income and now that he has been incarcerated, his two young children and wife have been left without a means of livelihood.

For the past 10 months, while in Belarus, I have been politically persecuted by the regime's security forces. At the same time, while hiding I managed to make actions against the so-called authorities, thinking about my safety as much as possible. I was forced to leave my country, to which I will surely come back.

My son was arrested on December 9, 2021 and is still in SIZO #1. We, his retired parents, whose father is disabled group 1, are currently in need of financial assistance to support our son, as well as — for our survival.

I am the wife of a political prisoner convicted of 3 years of “chemo” with a referral for political views. We have two children and I do not work as I stay at home with a young child. My husband was my only source of income.

My name is Masha, I am a student at Grodno State University. I was detained and convicted under part 1 of article 24.23 of the Administrative Code. At the moment I am in need of emergency relocation due to the threat of a criminal case, but I do not have the funds to buy a plane ticket.

On August 9, while caught protesting election fraud, I suffered four gunshot wounds, long-term psychological trauma, and partial hearing loss of my right ear. After all of this, I also lost my job, racked up debts for treatment, underwent surgery, and underwent lengthy rehabilitation. I now need help to rebuild my life after it was ruined by the regime.

After being interrogated and searched in his apartment, Dmitry Dashkevich, a well-known Belarusian civil activist, was arrested. His pregnant wife Anastasia and three children need our support.

Anastasia Kukhta always had an active civic position and fought against injustice, for which she was detained by KGB officers on February 17, 2022 under an administrative article. On the 4th of March she was repeatedly detained in a criminal case. Now Anastasia's parents need support to collect donations and treat one of her dogs.

On February 11, after a search, Sergei Leonovich Vilkevich was detained and placed in the TDF for 3 days. Sergey was charged under Articles 19.11 (part 2) and 24.23 (part 1) and confiscated all his work equipment. Awaiting a second trial, Sergei is unable to work and deprived of the means to pay the fine and ensure his livelihood.

The District Court of Minsk fined me under Article 24.23 for picketing by painting “NO WAR” on the windows of my own apartment window. This was the way I found, through which I was able to support Ukraine. I work as an artisan, specializing in making dolls, but lately my work has not been bringing in the financial means with which I could pay for the fine.

Sergey Gurlo is the leader of the Bobruisk organization of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union and a former employee of Belshina. After the events of August 2020, Sergey in every possible way tried to achieve justice, to sanctify the real events, to influence the birth of the New Belarus, for which he was repeatedly exposed to political persecution. At the age of 58, Sergey was forced to leave his native country and start his life from scratch.

Nikolai Avtukhovich is an entrepreneur, public activist and a true patriot of Belarus. The regime is trying to accuse Nikolay under the articles on terrorism and attempted violent seizure of state power. According to the regime's laws, the accused can even face the death penalty under these articles. There is no trust in Belarusian courts, but we have to use every possibility to help Nikolay.

My first detention involved a judge's car being painted in Mozyr in October 2020. After that I had to survive an interrogation at the KGB on the “Mozyr terrorists” case. After leaving the interrogation, I was forced to leave my homeland with my family in an emergency with one backpack behind my back and a minimal budget.

My name is Dmitriy and I recently had to come out of the underground in order to evacuate urgently from Belarus. Now I am in Tbilisi without means of subsistence. I need to get a visa to get to Poland and then to Ukraine, where my friends who are engaged in extermination of Russian occupants are waiting for me in the volunteer battalion.

On December 15, 2021, Goncharik Ilya's house was broken into by riot police and a man was detained under Article 364. On February 7, Ilya was sentenced to 4 years in “chemistry” with a referral. The man's wife and two minor children, one of whom has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, are waiting at home.

I was convicted under Article 342 part. 1 to 3 years of “chemo” with a referral, and, not wanting to give up my freedom, was forced to leave my native country urgently, taking only minimal savings with me. I am currently in Georgia with no family, no finances, and no stable housing. I need help to settle down in my new country.

I am a single mother of three sons, the eldest of whom was sentenced to 3 years in an educational colony. My family went through a series of tragedies before and after the sentencing. I am now in need of help to arrange parcels to the penal colony, a trip to visit my son for an extended visit, and to fund his account at VK2.