Private fundraising

“Dom Tvortsau” is an initiative that helps repressed Belarusians. It is a place for accommodation, rehabilitation, creative realization and exchange of experience of creative people from Belarus, including political prisoners. “Dom Tvortsau” organizes free psychological trainings for those who faced stress and burnout in emigration, creative meetings and art therapy classes. The initiative needs financial support to continue its activities.

Mikalai Lepeshka in 2020, participated in peaceful protests. Three years later he was summoned as a witness, then he became a suspect, and eventually accused under Article 342 of the Criminal Code of Belarus. In January 2024, Nikolai was sentenced to 1 year and 10 months of “chemo”. The man with his wife and three children were forced to leave Belarus in an emergency with the support of the BYSOL team. The family needs money to pay rent for the first time.

Maria is a Belarusian businesswoman and former political prisoner. In 2020 she participated in the elections as an independent observer, for which she was later arrested. Maria spent 3 years in detention. After her release, she was urgently evacuated from Belarus by the BYSOL team due to the threat of re-detention.

Tokarchuk Olga is a former political prisoner and blogger from Belarus. She left the country together with her children and her father after January 23 in the INeedHelp case because of the threat of criminal prosecution. The family left in a hurry, without money or belongings. They need help to pay for an apartment, buy necessities and organize their everyday life.

Natalia Stepantsova was initially sentenced to one year of “home chemistry” for a comment about a policeman, but then her punishment was changed to 2 years of “regular chemistry”. The woman was recently released from prison, having served her sentence in full, after which, due to the threat of a new prosecution, she was urgently evacuated by the BYSOL team. Natalya needs financial assistance to pay for her apartment, buy food, learn English and get a new profession. Translated with (free version)

Sergei Antonov is a Belarusian journalist and fiction writer. In November 2023 the portal, where the man worked, was recognized as an extremist formation. With the help of the BYSOL team, Sergei was urgently evacuated from Belarus, but now he needs help.

BY_Help is a major initiative that systematically financially helps people inside Belarus. Our team in the country needs support.

Belarusian independent media is on the verge of closure. But thanks to you we will be able to keep the team of our journalists-newsmen and not to stop the work.

After Anton was detained for protest videos found in his phone, his wife was left alone with their two children. The woman needs financial support, as their eldest daughter lives with Down syndrome, and the youngest was born prematurely and also needs constant rehabilitation.

Veniamin (name changed) is a retiree. He has been sentenced to “domestic chemistry” and a giant fine for comments the man left in 2020. The family is asking for help to be able to pay the fine on time and not be left destitute.

Alina, a photographer and activist of the Belarusan protest movement, spent 10 days in a pre-trial detention center in the summer of 2023. After her release, she left the country and is now in dire need of financial support to pay for a psychotherapist.

Artiom Yarmak was charged in the case of arson of Aleh Haidukevich's house. He spent 109 days in the pre-trial detention center, after which he was released on his own recognizance and left Belarus. Now the man lives in Lithuania. He needs financial assistance to improve his health after the escape, as well as to take English courses.

Dmytro was one of the most effective signature collectors in Viktor Babariko's team in 2020. Later, he was repeatedly detained and placed in a temporary detention centre for his activism. After one of the detentions, Dzmitry was found to have a serious tumour in the retroperitoneum. The man needs funds for rehabilitation after surgery.