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Private fundraising

Post-arrest examination and treatment

After prison, there were complications that could lead to infertility. After consultation, the doctor recommended a paid examination to prescribe treatment.

One year of chemistry for tearing down a flag

Returning home after a rally, publicly tore down a flag and threw it on the ground. This led to a criminal case under Article 370, for desecration of a national flag.

3 years in jail for defending his mother, Sergei Detsuk

Helping political prisoner Sergei Konstantinovich Detsuku to collect parcels, packages and money orders. When his mother was harshly detained by the riot police for participation in the action, he stood up for her, for which he received 3 years in prison.

Activists need medical help

Treatment and rehabilitation after severe Covid-19 (IVL as 90% lung damage) forced to be outside of RB for political reasons and unable to work now.

Konstantin Poliak's family needs support

There was a clash with the traffic police at a rally in Grodno. He was assigned to work at a collective farm for a minimum wage. Need funds to support the family, pay for utilities, circles and kindergarten for children.

Helping a family whose son escaped from an investigation

Our son was detained for participating in a protest on August 9, 2020. He was charged under criminal article 293 part 2, but was released under the personal guarantee of his mother (Svetlana) and father (Andrey) at the time of the investigation. He did not appear at the trial.

Saharuk Yulia's Stroke Rehabilitation

Assistance in treatment after stroke. A mother of 34 years old with many children was taken away by the ambulance after being detained by security forces in Pruzhany on 10.08.2020 because she felt bad. Yulia Sakharuk was diagnosed with a stroke and paralyzed on the left side of her body. Yulia needs rehabilitation.

Aid for Reshetnik Valery

Financial assistance for expenses after my wife and I were detained and 15 days of arrest

Financial Aid to Vladimir

Helping a Belarussian who is fighting for his business and his employees.

Help for activist

I found myself in a difficult financial situation, having received a fine of 150 Bbl. + 10% of OPI collection. The fine is almost completely paid, there is only 300 Belarusian rubles left to collect. I was fired from my job and have two young children to support, unmarried.

Supporting an activist in a difficult financial situation

Participated in Sergei Tikhanovsky's streamers, after which she was fired from her job. Was fined 6 times under Art. 23.34. Assisted in collecting signatures and later became an authorized representative of S. Tikhanovskaya. I haven't worked for a year.

Helping the D Family

Could not keep silent, did what tens and hundreds of thousands of my countrymen who do not care about the fate of their homeland...

Help for activist to pay criminal fine

A report was made on me and a criminal case was filed because I drew a white-red-white flag. I was given a fine of 100 basic units.

Activist Support

A 37-year-old girl drew a white-red-white flag on three poles and was fined 250 basic units.

Help for a volunteer with a child

I am asking for financial help to go to the Republic of Belarus with my 9-year-old son. In her home country she was an ICGI “Our Home” volunteer, forced to leave the Republic of Belarus after a search and interrogation.

Aid to a retired woman convicted under 24.23

Caught in a difficult financial situation — under Art. 24.23 received a fine of 100 BW and 10 BW OPI collection. Of the income — the pension 476 rubles, half goes on drugs. I hope for help, I will pay for part of it myself. If there is surplus, will forward to help others in need.

Being in a difficult situation because of “chemo”

I am in a difficult financial situation after the decision of the Court. After deductions and payment of loans from the salary I have 400 rubles, on which I support my family and help my grandmother.

Student Alexei Guchenko needs help in a difficult situation

On the evening of August 10, my comrades and I dared to walk through Mogilev shouting “Zhyve Belarus”. As a sign of anniversary and disagreement with the current government. A neighbor called the police and we were detained.

Mother with two children forced to flee criminal prosecution in RB

I was forced to flee with two minor children from Belarus from criminal prosecution in an emergency. I am in a difficult situation. I need shelter, food, preparation for school and kindergarten, clothes, and finances to support the children in the beginning, as there is no one to help.

Activist and volunteer needs help

Due to criminal prosecution I had to leave the country urgently. I was fired from my job for political reasons and also lost my housing. Need medical assistance as well as re-qualification.

Helping the comradery at home

Support for the home association fined for regularly displaying the flag on the facade between August and October 2020.

Help for the family of political prisoners Irina and Pyotr Zinevich

Since September 2020 our family has been under repression. For the past year my husband and I received 2 years of restriction of freedom — for him with a referral, for me without. 2000 rubles of moral damage for two and loss of business, not counting the horror with days in the detention center, searches, broken down apartment doors, confiscated equipment and intimidation by law enforcement officers.

Emigration and the New Life of the Latushkin Family

My name is Konstantin — I was actively involved in the Mogilev protest movement. For the last five years I was a technical administrator of the opposition news resource 6tv — now I am a defendant in a criminal case on terrorism. I and my family (my wife and two children, 9 and 2.5 years old) are threatened with persecution — I was forced to leave the country

The police didn't like Victoria's hair

Because of an arrest for political hair color, Victoria was fired from her job. Problems have arisen with the police. Difficulties with finding a new job, as she has a small child under the age of 3, raising her daughter alone. She needs help.

Support for the expelled student

On September 23, at the inauguration in Minsk in the Serebryanka neighborhood, I participated in the blocking of the road. Because of this the traffic was disrupted, namely the trolleybus. I was expelled from the college because I left to serve my sentence in the city of Mogilev in IUOT 43.

Aid to a dismissed IAB employee

Needs help. I have nothing to eat, never found a job. Retired from the internal affairs agencies back in September 2020.

Rental of temporary housing for a backyard activist

I was forced to leave the RB to avoid criminal prosecution for political reasons. Considering that I am in the status of a person waiting for migration, I have no right to work. In this case, it becomes difficult to support a family with two children. Waiting status is considered for six months.

Forced Relocation of the Bachilo Family

Due to the threat of criminal prosecution, the entire family has been forced to leave the country. Assistance is needed to cover urgent living expenses until they are able to find employment.

Fired worker needs help with home repairs

I lived in Minsk and worked in a factory. I was fired after they found out I was at the rallies. They threatened to fire me. I lost my job and housing, because I lived in a dormitory from the factory. I am an orphan. I have no one else to turn to for help.

Support for political prisoner journalist Sergey Gordievich

Sergey Gordievich is a journalist. He was sentenced for 1.5 years of imprisonment on political articles. He is in pre-trial detention center, awaiting a transfer to a penal colony. Convicted under three articles: insulting the president, insulting police officers and slandering a police officer.

Emergency Relocation. Support for four activists and a child

Emergency Relocation — when you don't have more than an hour to gather. You put your documents and a change of clothes in your backpack, take your child by the hand, leave the house and turn off your phone. When your whole life is behind you and the dangerous road into the unknown lies ahead. On the day of the raid, three activists in a race against time were able to leave their hometown.

Urged to leave the country because of a criminal case

I am Vitaly Petrovich Shitikov. In August 2020 I took an active part against falsification of the presidential election, in the course of which I was wounded with a flash-bang grenade. I was imprisoned for 3 days in the TDF and 7 days in SIZO-1. The court sentence was two years of chemistry, and then I was released on the order of the same court and after a month I was given 2 years and 6 months of a real sentence in a general regime colony. Since June 3 I have been on the run.

Forced Relocation of Activist and Independent Internet Media Owner

I, Alexander Kornyshev, am the deputy head of BY ORG “Alternativa” and the owner of the online media outlet “Vitebsk Courier news”. In order to avoid detention and arrest, I was forced to leave for Ukraine. Due to a difficult life situation I need material assistance.

The defeat of the Leaflet Printing Co-op

The Leaflet Print Co-op had been in existence for four years. We had always positioned ourselves as a social project and tried to support projects that were beneficial to society. Because of our civic position and support of the protest, GUBOPKI completely deprived us of the possibility to continue our activities and forced us to leave the country.

Help for political prisoner Artem Kasach

Support for political prisoner Artyom Kasach, who was sentenced to 1.6 years of chemo with a referral for commenting on the internet.

Family of Sergei Sikorsky, sentenced to 9 years in prison, needs help

After leaving the TDF on Okrestina lost her job. From time to time I worked under a contract. Now I am looking for a job. My husband was convicted for 9 years, we have a daughter who is 4 years old. The apartment is rented. Need help while I look for work.

Financial aid to Ivan Paszkiewicz

Ivan Paszkiewicz was expelled from the university and had to continue his studies in Poland.

Financial assistance for relocation

Financial assistance for relocation to another country for a Belarusian man forced to flee from persecution by the authorities.

Support for musician Lesley Knife

Financial support for a musician who organized backyard concerts and activities. He was sentenced to three years in “chemistry” for a comment on the Internet. Now he is forced to leave the country.

Helping the Leshko Family

Support for the Leshko family, convicted in the “roundabout case” and forced to leave the territory of Belarus.

Financial aid to Vasily G

I was not afraid to voice my opinion and now find myself in a difficult situation.

Aid to the Shavlinsky Family

Help for a family with many children where the father is a political prisoner.

Fundraiser for children of Antonina Konovalova and Sergey Yaroshevich

I was forced to flee from Belarus on September 10, 2020 together with my grandchildren, aged 4 and 6, first to Ukraine and then to Poland. Their parents, Antonina Konovalova and Sergey Yaroshevich, are activists of the “Country for Living”.

Financial aid to Tribul Trofim

The fundraising is open for the former 1st year student of BNTU Tribul Trofim, who wrote his dismissal letter.

Aid for surgery Oskirko Natalia

I am a group 2 disabled person with epilepsy. I broke my arm and there are cracks in the humerus. Surgery is required to insert spokes.

Financial aid to activist

Financial assistance, due to the difficult situation on the labor market for people with an active lifestyle.

Financial assistance to the Krot family

I, a mother on maternity leave, had to leave Belarus with my youngest child to avoid going to jail. Now we are in Poland. We have no money, housing, kindergarten and work. Everything takes time.

Helping Alexandra Mirontseva

Alexandra is the sister of two political prisoners who had to urgently leave Belarus due to criminal prosecution for political reasons. At the moment she is having difficulties finding a job in a foreign country and needs financial support.

Aid to the Kalykhan family

We want to go to a safe place from reprisals, as a criminal case was initiated. Was dismissed from work, served twenty-four hours, there is pressure on the minor son.

Aid to Ditkovsky Daniel, who was convicted in the “roundhouse” case

My name is Daniel and I am an orphan. I was convicted in the “roundhouse” case and in the case of broken cells — article 339 part 2. The punishment — 2 years of restriction of freedom with referral to the penitentiary. I don't have the means to pack for “chemo” and live there. It will be hard to find a job there, but I will look for one. I want to raise at least some money for the first time.

Aid to a refugee family from Belarus

Help for a family who was in an accident while leaving Belarus in an emergency. Now it is necessary to observe a bed regime and to buy a considerable quantity of medicines, and after that rehabilitation for several months is required.

Financial aid to the Derevyago family

To support his family while he was retraining under the EPAM program. In October 2020, he was fired from his job for being an active citizen and trying to form an independent union

Support for ambulance paramedic Polina Loiko

Ambulance paramedic Pauline Loyko was detained and sent to serve 25 days in detention. After that she was fired from her job. She needs help.

Financial aid to the Verin family

Help for the family after arrest and fine under Article 24.23 of the Code of Administrative Offences.

Help for the family of Andrei Zeltser, who went all the way

Andrei Seltzer actively participated in the 2020 protests against the rigged presidential election and even wrote a manifesto urging those who disagreed with what was happening to “go all the way.” And he himself was the first to follow it, when seven KGB officers began breaking into his house, he picked up a shotgun.

Aid to the Verbitsky family

For housing and preparing children for school for a medical family with two children who had to flee the country in an emergency.

Financial aid to pay the fine

The purpose of the fundraiser is to cover the cost of paying the fine under s. 24.23

Financial assistance to D.V. Kulakov's family

On December 18, 2020 the court of the Shumilino district rendered the verdict against the social activist Dmitry Kulakov (my husband) — a resident of Shumilino, father of two young children. He was charged under Articles 364 and 369 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 3.5 years in “chemistry”.

Aid to Political Prisoner Maria Tarasenko

Let's help Maria, who was not afraid to stand up to the tuneyadic decree, to survive the horrors and atrocities of the current regime.

Help for surgery for father of three young children

I was forced to leave Belarus in an emergency because I was awaiting trial on a political criminal case, even though I had already been convicted of 3 years of “chemo”. I twisted my leg while crossing to a safe place. It turned out that I had a fracture with displacement and torn ligaments.

Support Yulia Mikhailova

A fundraiser to support Yuliya and her family. The woman was jailed for 25 days for the sixth time, just because she is not indifferent to what is happening in Belarus. It's not easy for her family now, because her sick 56-year-old mother and brother were also detained in order to put pressure on Yulia.

Supporting an activist fired from her job for political reasons

I have worked as a college teacher (last job for 14 years). However, due to my activism during the elections of 2020 and the subsequent repressions, my contract was not renewed. Finding a job in the near future is not possible.

Aid to a journalist to pay part of the fine

To pay a fine of 300 basic units to a former state media journalist convicted under Article 341 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Financial assistance to Olga Zolotar's Family

“Freedom is the right not to make another person feel bad when you sympathize with him.” This is how Olga described freedom in a letter to her loved ones. And Olga remains truly free even while in jail.

Emergency Relocation Due to Threat of Going Back to Jail

Really need your help in fundraising for relocation. I want to leave the country because of repression and criminal prosecution, absurdity and lawlessness. I want to be useful outside the country and do the best I can, which is impossible here.

Large family of political prisoner Sokol Vladimir needs help

On July 3, 2021 my spouse, Sokol Vladimir, was taken into custody in the courtroom, charged with two years in prison and compensation for moral damages, for insult and threat to life. As of today I am on maternity leave to care for a child, who is three months old. We have a large family. We live in a rented apartment.

Fundraising to save man from Belarus

Every day it is more and more difficult for me to hide, and I want to ask those who have the opportunity to help me collect the necessary amount of money to be able to move to a safe place.

Help for Lebiazhiy admins

Need help for the two admins of the Lebyazhiy 97% telegram channel who had to leave Belarus. Money for the first time to settle life abroad.

Peskov Family

Fundraising to transfer a grocery basket to prison.

Help for a convicted and dismissed teacher

I am in a difficult situation. Since August 2020 I have been tried 3 times on five administrative reports. In the spring of 2020, convicted under the CC, awarded 2.5 years of home chemistry, compensation for moral suits to police officers, and fired from my job.

Mikhail Kalishuk's family needs help

Mikhail Kalishuk was sentenced to four years in a maximum security penal colony. We need help for transfers to the prison and for winter clothes.

Aid to Valentina

Financial aid to Valentina, who has become a defendant in a criminal case.

Help pay activist's fine

She was detained in March at a rally, as a result of which she spent almost three days on Okrestina and received a fine of 60 basic units.

Large mother fired for three towels of “forbidden” colors

I worked as the manager of the Craft House. I was fired under a far-fetched article, but in fact I was fired for expressing my civic position. Three towels of “forbidden” flowers on the loggia was grounds for an administrative case.

Help for Tatiana Zverko

Help pay for a lawyer, groceries, and things to send to mother of 2 Tatyana Zverko, who was sentenced to 1 year 6 months in a minimum security penitentiary.

Support family of Vitold Ashurok

On May 21, Witold Ashurok, a man who lived by conscience, fought for freedom and was faithful to his convictions to the end, died.

Political prisoner Maksim Pavlyushchik

Maksim was sentenced to 2 years in a general regime penal colony for painting an inscription “We will not forget, we will not forgive,” in honor of the deceased demonstrator Alexander Taraikovsky. The family has a very difficult situation: mother 2nd group disabled, his father died February 19, 2021 from covid-19, and his wife is pregnant.

Aid to Lobachev Valentin

I was prosecuted under Article 368 Part 1, I was fired from my job because of it, a lawyer is not cheap, so I decided to ask everyone for help.

Aid to the Melnik family

Fled from Belarus on April 22 to Poland. Help to get on their feet, collect the child to school, pay for housing. It is impossible to live in the camp, as it is outside the city limits. No money for clothes and food.

Aid to Anastasia L.

Financial assistance for expenses after detention on Will Day

Help for the Ruslan and Natalya Tashtimirovs family with many children

Support for a family with many children. 10 children, two of them disabled. They were threatened with removal of their children by the KGB because of their participation in peaceful protests. The difficult situation forced the family to leave the country.

Helping to Family of doctors

On May 17 of this year we were detained with my husband and taken to the Frunzensky District Police Department. On May 18th court of Frunzenski borough court sentenced my husband to 15 days in jail and me to a fine of 100 basic units. I was fired from work. I have a child, and my husband is also out of work.

Helping the Barinova Natalia family with a young child

After release was left without financial cushion and work (and work is hard to find with my “criminal” past) money is needed to improve health, to move to another country, to distribute debts (which have arisen due to my situation).

Help for the 14 families of the “Pinsk case”

We are relatives of 14 political prisoners who were convicted in August 2020 as part of the “Pinsk case” and ask for help. The “Pinsk case” is unprecedented in its own way: huge sentences and crazy lawsuits...

Aid for activist relocation

Asking for civil society's help in raising money for the Relocate.

Assistance in paying a BCB fine

Fundraising to pay a fine for a BCB sticker on a car, under Art 24.23 awarded a maximum of one hundred bases.

Support for Olga Kronda's Family

A single mother was sentenced by the court to 2 years of “home chemistry” and forced to pay compensation of 2,000 rubles for the poop emoji under a photo of a policeman. Now the family needs help more than ever.

Financial Aid to the Frantsuzow Family

A single mom with two children was left with no income due to an injury she sustained while participating in the protests in August 2020.

Help for Evgeny Novik

This fundraising starts for a repressed Belarusian, forced to leave the country because of persecution by the current government.

Help Daria M

I served 2 days and was convicted for sitting near the Minsk sea with the BCB flag.

Financial Aid to repressed family of students

I am starting a fundraising for myself and my husband: we suffered from repression in Belarus, were beaten by security forces and expelled from universities, had to leave the country.

Fundraising for Alexei S

I'm starting fundraising for living in the TSI, buying food and things, as well as paying for the commandant's office and lawsuits.

Help for student Daria

I was detained at the bus stop on my way home and the charges were trumped up.

Aid to the family of a political prisoner

My husband was sentenced to 3 years in prison because of a comment on VKontakte and I was left alone with two children.

Aid for Oksana

Financial assistance for expenses after my detention and DFR search

Support the family of the dismissed neurologist Ruslan Badamshin

Ruslan Badamshin, a functional diagnostician, was fired from the Russian Scientific and Practical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery. The reason for the dismissal was that on April 8, after leaving Zhodzina pre-trial detention center after 15 days of administrative arrest, the doctor came to work in Minsk two hours late.

Helping the Sarychev Family

My name is Maxim. Since July 2021 I have been serving a sentence in the penitentiary under Article 369 of the Criminal Code (insult), and my spouse with a baby is left at home. The purpose of the collection is to help my spouse to buy things, groceries, and necessities for the baby.

Aid to the family of Natalya Yatskova

Almost 2 months I am “on the run” (political persecution for publicly insulting the president, was in the TDF, escaped from the investigation), I need financial help for food and temporary stay in Ukraine until I get a visa, for visa registration, insurance and tickets for myself and family (husband and two children), and also payment for housing for the first time in Poland, until we get a job.

Fundraising for Elena B

I am starting a fundraiser because I find myself in a difficult situation

Medic urgently left the country with 2 minor children

Catherine was actively involved in an election campaign, and because of this she was in danger of being persecuted. She had to urgently leave the country with 2 children (a daughter 12 years old and a son 3 years old). Now she needs help.

Support for political prisoner Dmitry Gopt

The court sentenced 21-year-old Dmitry Gopta with mental disabilities to two years in prison for his participation in the August 10 protests in Zhlobin, when people went into the square and demanded fair elections. He needs help.

Fundraiser to pay the fine for rallies and pickets

The purpose of the fundraiser is to pay the fine that was imposed by the court as an administrative penalty for participating in rallies and picketing in Minsk in May-June 2021.

Helping a girl who was in an accident during an emergency relocation

I was forced to leave Belarus in an emergency after being searched and accused of extremism. On the way to the border I got into a serious traffic accident. Now I can't work and I need medical treatment. My child stayed in Belarus and while I am physically unable to take him here, I have to provide for all his living expenses with relatives.

Helping the Railroad Guerrillas

Financial support for 2 political prisoners from the same family who were convicted of blocking railroad tracks.

Aid to a disabled person of the 2nd group

Help for Igor Sidarovich, disabled sufferer of the regime, twice convicted under criminal articles 369, 342 part 1, because of participation in the protest movement.