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The project is on the verge of closure: we have money on our account — for a month and a half or two months of work. No one in the editorial staff has a safety cushion, and we can't physically work without minimum wage.

We started working as a full-fledged media outlet in August 2018. It was initiated by three journalists with extensive experience — Alexey Zhukov, Alexander Otroschenkov and Fyodor Pavlyuchenko. By the summer of 2020, the site was visited by about 100 thousand Belarusian users every day, and we were fully able to fund ourselves. was appreciated not only by our readers, but also by the authorities. Persecution of journalists, criminal cases, interrogations started… We left the country in time.

We made every effort to continue our work outside Belarus. We took advantage of programs to support independent journalists, received a little help from donors. But on December 19, 2023, we received a response from a key European donor, whose support would have allowed us to continue our work. The answer was negative. We received no explanation. We respect this decision, although we cannot agree with it.

We will definitely break through and find funding. After our appeal, the editorial office was contacted by partners, business representatives, politicians, our readers. But we need time and money for the salaries of our colleagues in the newsroom, so that we do not stay on the street. We believe in your understanding and support.

How much is needed?


The work of the journalists of the publication for two months.
The monthly salary of one journalist is €1800 (taxes included)

You can make a one-time charitable donation or sign up for monthly support of the project.

€ 1 757 in 7 200