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BYSOL fundraising

Emergency relocation

In conditions of political persecution, threats to human freedom, life and health we help families to leave Belarus safely and quickly.

Support courtyard initiatives

Unique Belarusian courtyards are a phenomenon of protests. Small communities unite people across the country in their fight against dictatorship. They help Belarusians to openly express their protest, and we must help them to continue their struggle.

Support the families of political prisoners

In Belarus, more than 700 people ended up in prisons because they did not want to turn the blind eye to the terrible actions of the authorities. Support is needed not only for them but also for their families.

Helping those fired for political reasons

Between August and December, we financially supported more than 1,300 laid-off people to the tune of almost 2 million euros. For four months we were a “fire department,” promptly and accurately helping laid-off and relocated people. And in December, we reformatted our support for those laid off into employment and retraining assistance.

Team fundraising

Until August 2020, we, like all Belarusians, were engaged in our own projects, but we couldn't stay away when the country was gripped by a wave of violence and lawlessness. Now we help those who suffered at the hands of the regime.

General fundraising

BYSOL supports families of political prisoners, strike committees, courtyard communities, dismissed workers and expelled students, local initiatives that help Belarusians fight against lawlessness in the country.

Help to dismissed

Choosing between well-being and a clear conscience is not easy for everyone. Let's support the Belarusians who have lost their jobs for choosing an active civil position against the inhumane regime.