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Helping those fired for political reasons

A large number of Belarusians were fired because of their civic position. These were people of different professions: factory workers, construction workers and doctors, accountants and lawyers.  Many were forced to flee from the persecution of the current government, leaving their jobs, homes and loved ones. 

Between August and December, we financially supported more than 1,300 laid-off workers to the tune of almost 2 million euros. For four months we were a “fire department,” promptly and precisely helping the laid-off and relocated people. And in December, we changed the format of our support for those laid off for political reasons. So we reformatted our support for those laid off into employment and retraining assistance. To that end, we're expanding the network of initiatives and organizations that help with finding a job in a specialty or learning a new profession.

There was a calculation that the regime retained a modicum of common sense, and the scale of the protests would force it to stop its terror. But people continue to be laid off without considering the consequences for the economy and society. We have already received more than 300 applications from people who were fired for political reasons or who left their jobs on their own in solidarity. We have sent 110 people for retraining and helped them find new jobs, and more than 200 more are still waiting for an opportunity.

What do you need financial support for?

To pay for retraining and courses that will help them learn a new profession and increase the number of independent citizens of the new country.

For many, especially in the public sector, a “political” layoff becomes a black mark. Support financially in a way that is appropriate for you to transfer. 

As long as we stand for each other, we will not be broken!