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Assistance to the dismissed in retraining and employment

Irrational layoffs vividly show that Lukashenko’s regime doesn’t care about Belarus. Who would fire a top-class opera artist for anti-violence videos? Or a teacher who refused to spoil a student’s file? Or an enterprise lead engineer who didn't sign the pro-regime letter?

Firing is not a bullet or a jail. You keep your freedom and health. But you lose the way to earn money that you had by right. Your plans, your merits are tossed in the trash. For many, especially in the public sector, “political” dismissal is a black mark. We can’t let scoundrels ruin the lives of honest people like that!

How to help those unfairly dismissed? Help them find a new job as soon as possible. If necessary – to study, retrain, move to another place. Now we are expanding the network of initiatives and organizations that help search for a new job or adopt new practices.

We have already received more than 300 applications from people who were fired for political reasons or left in protest. 110 people were sent for retraining and helped to find a new job, more than 200 people are still waiting for the opportunity.

Why are we opening this fundraiser? The money will be used to pay for courses that will help to master a new profession and increase the number of independent citizens of our country. The cost of retraining one person is on average 150-200 €.

Support the program the way that suits you. Remember, the regime feeds on apathy, disengagement and fear. As long as we stand for each other, we cannot be broken!