General issues
Who does the BYSOL Foundation help?

Who does the BYSOL Foundation help?

The main areas of work of the BYSOL Foundation are:

  • Supporting backyard initiatives
  • Financial assistance to political prisoners and their families
  • Assistance to political prisoners who have been released from prison
  • Support for Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine
  • Urgent evacuation of those involved in politically motivated criminal cases to safety
  • Personal fundraisers for the victims of repressions

How to apply for help?

You can find all the forms you need to fill out on this page.

Verification and assistance
How do I fill out an application for assistance?

Fill out the form, upload documents and write your story. Fill out the application carefully and do not forget to follow all the steps indicated in it.

How fast is the verification procedure?

After filling out the application, it goes to our volunteers. The verification procedure takes up to 48 hours. A correctly completed form and a full volume of required documents will allow you to process your application faster.

After filling out the application, you need to write to the specified contacts and give your full name so that we can accept your application for work.

What documents do I need to submit to receive assistance?

To get help, you need to provide the following documents:

1) If you are a student and have been expelled for your citizenship:

Video, expulsion order, grade book / student card, passport, other evidence of history (media mentions, photo, video or audio files).

2) If you are a representative of the strike committee:

If you are a representative of the strike committee, fill out the form. After that we will contact you for further discussions.

Who can track the transfer in support of the fund from my card?

Neither we nor third parties will recognize your card details. For collection, we use the Facebook fundraiser page, as well as other channels that encrypt payments for security purposes.

Where are the money stored?

The fund's account is with a bank in the Netherlands. The Belarusian authorities do not have access to him, as well as to people from our team.

Who can track the payment of aid to me?

We use a secure method of transferring funds.

Will the authorities not steal money from recipients' accounts?

We make payments in a way that we do not intentionally disclose. Thanks to this policy, the authorities have so far failed to “catch” transfers from the fund.

Other questions
Where can I find information about payments?

We regularly publish statistics on BYSOL payments on the fund's social networks. Previously, we also published stories of victims, but later we refused such publications for the safety of the people who received help.

How can you help the foundation?

All targeted fundraising is published on the home page of the site https://bysol.org. You can make a donation to help exactly the initiative that seems most important to you.

You can also subscribe to BYSOL pages and tell about us on social networks: facebook instagram YouTube

My application was rejected. Can I resubmit the form?

If the application is rejected, our volunteers indicate the reason. If you have additional confirmations or documents that are necessary for the approval of the application, you can contact the volunteer or send the application again.

Why haven't I received my payment? 

If your application is approved, it will take some time for the transfer to take place. If the verification process was not delayed due to lack of documents or other data, the process can take up to three weeks.

Can I post my video message and talk about the fund on social networks?

For security reasons, BYSOL does not publish messages from people who receive assistance. However, if you want to share about the fund on social media, you can do so. We are happy to receive feedback and we are very pleased to see the thanks.

I have not found an answer to my question here. How can I contact the foundation?

Email us: [email protected]

Or telegram bot: @BYSOL_bot


    General fundraising

    BYSOL supports released political prisoners and their families, people forced to leave the country, Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine, and initiatives that help Belarusians fight lawlessness in the country.