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Aid to defendants in the “Rabochaga Rukh” case

Fundraising to support the families of the defendants in the “Rabochag Rukh” case, who are accused of treason, attempted seizure of power and creation of an extremist organization.

Media Solidarity

Fundraising to support independent journalists and media in Belarus who have suffered from repression. We pay scholarships and grants, support editorial staff. Journalism is not a crime!

Voices from Belarus

Hi. My name is Sasha Zvereva. For a year now, I've been a part of a very cool project with dozens of volunteers working on it.

Honest People Legal Services

Since August, our lawyers and attorneys have been helping illegally dismissed workers, giving them legal advice and accompanying them through the courts. The levy is needed financial aid so that we can continue to do this

Support of civic TV Malanka media

For 5 months already Zubr team and Malanka Media (news service from the creators of online monitoring system of election process 2020) together with us are following the events in Belarus, trying to cover all important news, events and opinions of public figures in fast form of live broadcasts.

The Medical Solidarity Fund

Medics are special heroes. In Belarus, they fight COVID-19 without state support and actively oppose arbitrariness and violence. We support their rights, an independent union, the laid-off and their families.

Seattle and the UK support Naftan

Belarusian expats from Seattle and the UK support workers of Naftan who joined the national strike in Belarus.

The Sports Solidarity Fund

For their protest against beatings, murders and lawlessness, the athletes paid with careers that they had built all their lives. It is our duty to support them.

Support Belaz

Belarusians in Portland united in support of the BelAZ workers, who are fighting for democracy and justice in the country and have faced reprisals for their demands.

House for Belarusians in Kiev

Collection for renting a house in Kiev for the possibility after the urgent departure of Belarusians within a month to have a place to stay , this is enough to help the person to legalize in the country. Since Belarusians are persecuted constantly and in the near future there are no preconditions for suspension of repressions, the place for residence of such people is needed constantly.

The First Belarusian Online School in Ukraine

The first belarusian online school in Ukraine is urgently seeking sponsors. The school was urgently created to help children whose parents have been caught up in the repression machine and to preserve their children's Belarusian identity. Most of the families whose children attend our school cannot afford to pay even the minimal cost and are educated for free.

House for refugees from Belarus in Warsaw

Fundraising for the Peace House initiative, a temporary shelter in Warsaw for people who have had to leave Belarus urgently due to political repression.