My name is Aksenov Oleg. I together with a former political prisoner launched IT and marketing courses, where we teach free of charge Belarusians, who due to emigration found themselves in a difficult situation. Each of us has more than 8 years of experience in his field and 4 years of training experience.

Raising funds to rent space so that we can continue to operate our warehouse. Unfortunately, if we do not manage to raise funds for rent, we will be forced to close the project “FreeShop”.

Anksčiau, prieš prasidedant karui, mes ginėme moterų teises bei kovojome su smurtu nukreiptu prieš moteris ir vaikus Ukrainoje. Dabar, prasidėjus karui, mes teikiame tikslinę pagalbą moterims iš pažeidžiamiausių socialinių grupių, įskaitant moteris su mažais vaikais, daugiavaikės moteris, vyresnio amžiaus moteris, moteris su negalia bei LBGTQ bendruomenės atstoves.

Before the war, we worked to protect women's rights and fight violence against women and children in Ukraine. Now, in the context of war, we provide targeted assistance to women from vulnerable groups, including women with young children, women with multiple children, elderly women, women with disabilities, and LGBTQ women.

“Паспалiтае Рушэньне” is an independent organization that consists of Belarusian volunteers as well as foreign representatives who strive for the liberation of Belarus and Ukraine from Russian occupation and the Lukashenko regime, the establishment of democracy, the restoration of the rule of law, the preservation of independence, territorial integrity, national and cultural revival of the nation and the state.

The team of the project, which created the courses of the Belarusian language “Mova Dzetkam” — needs support for further development. Funds are needed to develop methodological materials and hold classes.

Providing offline security for KPD activists in Belarus — servers, organizing relocation and shelter, anonymous SIM cards and smartphones, and other expenses for the first stages of action. The next stage is the launch of a new project.

We raise money for the existence of a house in Warsaw for former political prisoners. The house has been in existence for almost one year, and during that time it has helped rehabilitate dozens of people. Originally the “House of Creators” was a residence for Belarusian artists who had lost their jobs and opportunities for realization.

We are a team of the project ”Ўnon-scripted” - a theatrical and folklore studio for children of Belarusian nationality, which has moved to Vilnius. At the moment of the launch of the project more than 40 children from 5 to 12 years old are invited to the studio. We would be glad to receive your help in building a financial fund of our studio.

Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine need help. It′s hard for them, but they keep working, preserving and developing extremely important ties between our peoples. We are raising funds to support Belarusian volunteers so that they can continue their activities.

”Childhood in Exile” is a documentary photo project with the stories of children who were forced to leave their home in Belarus after the events of 2020, and have become refugees for a second time since the outbreak of full-scale war in Ukraine. Our team is looking for help to tell the stories of these children to the world.

“Maysternya Pashtovak Salidarnasci” is a volunteer support service for prisoners with letters and solidarity cards. We create postcards, handwrite your online letters from anywhere in the world and send them to prisoners with the opportunity to receive a response by e-mail.

The Ukrainian authorities view the Belarusians as allies of the Russian aggressors. With this in mind, we have established a Belarusian Information Center in Lviv to help bridge the gap of trust between Ukrainians and Belarusians. Now we need your support in order to strengthen the possibilities of the InfoCenter to fulfill the function of public media in the Ukrainian information space.

The Peramog plan needs to fund a portion of the cost to train Belarusians who wish to actively participate in the restoration of law and order in Belarus.

The volunteer program has been in existence since November 2020. During our work 3000 volunteers have been involved in 50 regions of Belarus and in more than 30 countries of the world. For the volunteer program to work even more efficiently and expand, we need your support.

White Rock is a rehabilitation center for bears rescued from circuses and menageries. The bears were temporarily evacuated at the beginning of the invasion and continue to be fed and treated. Funds are needed for running costs to pay for food and housing.

Today, millions of Ukrainians are internally displaced or remain in shelters in places of hostilities, turning to Volunteer Hundred for assistance. Assistance includes food, medicine and hygiene products. We are opening a fundraiser to purchase the most popular items from our recipients' requests.

From 2015 to the present, the volunteer initiative “gumroute Belarus-ATO” continued to help Ukrainians in the conflict zone. Volunteer medics were supplied with four units of medical vehicles, the total weight of humanitarian aid delivered to the Ukrainian Donbass in five years exceeded 25 tons.

For 5 months already Zubr team and Malanka Media (news service from the creators of online monitoring system of election process 2020) together with us are following the events in Belarus, trying to cover all important news, events and opinions of public figures in fast form of live broadcasts.

Fundraising to support independent journalists and media in Belarus who have suffered from repression. We pay scholarships and grants, support editorial staff. Journalism is not a crime!

For their protest against beatings, murders and lawlessness, the athletes paid with careers that they had built all their lives. It is our duty to support them.

We create postcards and merch with drawings from the letters of political prisoners. All funds raised go to transfers to political prisoners through the Dissidentby initiative.