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Belarusians in Boston for GrodnoAzot

Belarusians of Boston and other diasporas abroad have come together to support our people in the struggle for democracy and respect for human rights.

The Medical Solidarity Fund

Medics are special heroes. In Belarus, they fight COVID-19 without state support and actively oppose arbitrariness and violence. We support their rights, an independent union, the laid-off and their families.

Seattle and the UK support Naftan

Belarusian expats from Seattle and the UK support workers of Naftan who joined the national strike in Belarus.


Fundraising to support independent journalists and media in Belarus who have suffered from repression. We pay scholarships and grants, support editorial staff. Journalism is not a crime!

The Sports Solidarity Fund

For their protest against beatings, murders and lawlessness, the athletes paid with careers that they had built all their lives. It is our duty to support them.

Support BMZ

Belarusian diaspora in the Netherlands helps the fired and convicted workers of Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ Zhlobin).