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“Freedom cards” is a fundraiser of a “Letters in grid” initiative

The number of political prisoners in Belarus is approaching 400 and steadily continues to grow. In addition, there are many people, who are not recognised as political prisoners, however, they remain behind the bars due to the events related to the presidential elections in Belarus, unprecedented violence and reprisals. 

Thousands of people have been convicted or detained. Their only links to the real world are rare visits of their lawyers, if lucky, the national television and our letters. The last one is a real breath of air. It is a great support and an important reminder that we remember each and every one of them and we are together!

“Letters in grid” is a volunteer initiative that can help you to send a letter to a political prisoner if you are abroad, busy or if you, for any other reason, cannot do it yourself. 

The initiative is fully based on volunteer work, and that is why we, the volunteers of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s Office, would like very much to support it.  And that is how our “Freedom cards” project was born.

We have printed 1000 cards with 10 different drawings the political prisoners drew in their letters to their friends, families and just strangers. All collected funds for these cards will allow “Letters in grid” to send more than 10,000 letters to the political prisoners!

To support the project and receive one of the cards:

  • donate a minimum of 5 euros in  “Freedom cards” section of or directly on;
  • send a personal check with a donation amount to [email protected], as well as your name and return address where we can send you a card;
  • you will be contacted by our volunteer, who will let you know when your card was sent.

We send cards worldwide. 

The “Freedom cards” project, same as the “Letters in grid” initiative, is completely volunteer. All their work is done by volunteers. All donated funds go exclusively for cards printing, purchasing stamps and envelopes. For project reports and new cards follow us on  instagram @v.pashtouki 

Send letters to political prisoners! That is what they need.

Our contacts: 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Instagram: @v.pashtouki