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“Freedom cards” is a fundraiser of a “Letters in grid” initiative

Political prisoners in Belarus are held in deplorable conditions. Separation from relatives and friends is the hardest thing about being behind bars.

Being there is like living in another universe, where the only channels of communication with the outside world are meetings with the lawyer and letters from other people. We cannot arrange round-the-clock meetings with attorneys for political prisoners, but we can send them more letters of support. Former political prisoners say that letters are what kept them sane there. Letters let people behind bars know about the much-needed outside support. It is especially important to remind them of this support since Belarus is one of the worst countries in terms of the number of political prisoners, and this number only keeps increasing.

To enable as many people as possible to support our unfairly arrested or imprisoned friends, volunteers started the Letters in Grid initiative. Its website lets you type your letter and delegate everything else: printing, packaging, and sending — to volunteers. This is convenient if you are busy, live abroad or for some other reason do not want to send the letter yourself.

Letters in Grid is a volunteer initiative. To support it financially, the volunteers of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's Office launched the Freedom postcards project. They make postcards with political prisoners’ drawings and send them worldwide in exchange for donations. Freedom postcards also design their merch – T-shirts and tote bags. Some political prisoners’ relatives even visit them in prison in those T-shirts.

All donations the project receives are used exclusively for printing postcards, making merch, and buying stamps and envelopes for Letters in Grid. If you want to receive a postcard, tote bag or T-shirt, donate at least 5, 15, or 20 euros respectively. For us to send the item to you, you only need to:

1) donate at least €5 to Freedom postcards (on this page) or directly to Letters in Grid;
2) send a confirmation by email, DM it on Instagram, or share it with the Telegram bot — and write your address;
3) a volunteer will soon notify you about dispatch.

See the project’s reports, as well as the new postcards, on its Instagram.

Our contacts: 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Instagram: @v.pashtouki