Freedom Postcards

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We design Freedom Postcards with political prisoners’ drawings to share their stories and fundraise for their needs. Here’s how we do it:

1. We collect drawings by political prisoners. They are usually sent to us by their relatives and friends.
2. We design postcards and merchandise with the drawings.
3. We send these things to people all over the world for donations.
4. We transfer all donations to the Dissidentby initiative, which spends them on care packages with food, clothing, medications, and other aid for political prisoners.

Depending on your donation, you may get:

  • €5: 3 postcards 
  • €10/15: a coloring book (A5/A4 format)
  • €15: a Poems from Prison mug
  • €20: a tote bag
  • €25: a T-shirt 

After you donate, send us a screenshot or a receipt and write your address. Soon a volunteer will contact you to say your item has been sent.


E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @v.pashtouki
Telegram bot: @pashtouki_bot

€ 20 530 in 30 000