How can I help?

There are many ways you can help the Foundation. Choose the option that's right for you:

Become our information ambassador. Talk about the Foundation's initiatives, about those who need help, and about the situation in Belarus. The more people hear about what's going on, the stronger and wider our community will become. You can read about the Foundation's activities in our publishers and on our website.

Donate to
Donations to the fund are a tremendous support for a wide variety of repressed people: 


We try to reach out with our and your support to every person who turns to us for help. But there are times when there just aren't enough hands. So you can give us your greatest resource — your time and expertise. Write to us here or in our publishers.

We believe in our huge BYSOL family, the global family of caring people who continue to be heartbroken by the hard news from Belarus. But together we are a huge force that can definitely cope with any problem and challenge!

Support the families of political prisoners

In Belarus, more than 1000 people ended up in prisons because they did not want to turn the blind eye to the terrible actions of the authorities. Support is needed not only for them but also for their families.