How can I help?

There are many ways you can help the foundation. Choose the option that suits you:


Become our information ambassador. Tell us about the fund's initiatives, about those who need help and about the situation in Belarus. The more often people hear about what is happening, the stronger and wider our community will be. Read about the activities of the fund in our publics and on the website.


Donations to the fund are a huge support for a variety of repressed people: political prisoners, students, doctors, cultural figures, workers and everyone who declared their disagreement with the violence of the regime and themselves suffered from it. You can support our fees through the website and in social networks.


We try to reach out with our and your support to every person who turns to us for help. But it so happens that there are simply not enough hands. Therefore, you can give us your main resource — time and competence. Contact our mail or write to our publics.

We believe in our huge BYSOL family, in the worldwide family of caring people, whose heart continues to ache from the hard news from Belarus. But together we are such a huge force that will definitely be able to cope with any problem and task.

Team fundraising

Until August 2020, we, like all Belarusians, were engaged in our own projects, but we couldn't stay away when the country was gripped by a wave of violence and lawlessness. Now we help those who suffered at the hands of the regime.