How does it work?

The BYSOL Foundation was the response of Belarusian society to the wave of lawlessness and violence that struck our country in August 2020. In those days, we focused on helping people who lost their jobs for political reasons and those who were forced to leave the country.

What's been done

For 2020, the Foundation paid €2.9 million to support people who were fired for political reasons, people on strike, and people forced to relocate. 

In 2021, in addition to our core activities, we carried out successful campaigns:

  • Payments to veterans on May 9th — more than 17,000 euros; 
  • to children whose parents are political prisoners, to support their school fees — more than 11 thousand euros (about 100 children).

The team of the Foundation in the shortest possible time created a system of money transfer to Belarus, which is invulnerable to the illegitimate authorities. All attempts to intercept the funds and cyberattacks on the Foundation were unsuccessful, which makes the regime bitterly angry.

What we are doing now

Today BYSOL supports initiatives that help repressed Belarusians. We help foundations of medical, sports, and cultural solidarity. We support families of political prisoners, we help those who were fired to undergo retraining so that with the help of new knowledge they can get a job. 

We create and develop relevant programs, responding to the challenges of our time:

  • For courtyard initiatives that are active, we not only support them to buy consumables (sticker printing, spray paint cans, flags…), but also provide training that allows them to be physically and psychologically safe;
  • in the context of ongoing repression, arrests and prison sentences, we help activists and their families evacuate to safety;
  • We develop all instruments for opening personal fundraisers for victims of repression, as well as for raising funds as quickly as possible.

All these initiatives unite Belarusians in the struggle against lawlessness.

Who works in the Fund and where does the money come from?

The work of the foundation is transparent: BYSOL regularly publishes reports in social networks and on the official website, both on receipts and expenditures. Renowned businessmen, human rights activists, and civil activists work and volunteer in the ranks of the Foundation: a total of two dozen people. Andrei Stryzhak, a well-known Belarusian human rights activist, manages the Foundation. More than 70 thousand people have already donated to the Fund. These are Belarusians from the country and abroad, as well as non-indifferent friends from all over the world who help to give birth to a new, free and democratic Belarus.

Directions of Work of the BYSOL Solidarity Fund

The main directions of work of the BYSOL Foundation are:

  • Support of backyard initiatives (actions, symbols, training, etc.);
  • Financial aid to families of political prisoners;
  • Urgent evacuation of those involved in criminal cases to a safe place;
  • Re-training of those dismissed for political reasons;
  • Personal fundraisers for victims of repressions.

Support the families of political prisoners

In Belarus, more than 700 people ended up in prisons because they did not want to turn the blind eye to the terrible actions of the authorities. Support is needed not only for them but also for their families.