Development of the Belarusan component of humanitarian demining in Ukraine

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We are a group of Belarusan volunteers.

Until recently, each of us took part in the defense of Ukraine from Russian aggression as part of various units of the armed forces of Ukraine. But now we see it as an important task to do everything to ensure safe life in the liberated territories.

One of the most significant tasks has become humanitarian demining. In this regard, it is important to increase the number of highly qualified deminers.

We see the development of the Belarusian component of humanitarian demining in Ukraine as an important step. That is why we are announcing a collection for the first stages of activity: purchase of necessary equipment and outfit, as well as training of volunteers.

At the end of the training period, the Belarusian group will be fully equipped and ready to start carrying out the work. We have preliminary agreements with the Association of Deminers of Ukraine about the start of the group's work in missions.

Also, the work in our group is a chance for fighters who, after being wounded, cannot perform military service, but want to continue to contribute to the approach of peaceful life.

We see it as our duty to make every effort to clear the liberated areas of explosive objects, mines and unexploded ordnance to allow peaceful life to return there. Your support will help us make this mission a success. We can make a significant contribution to the security and restoration of peaceful life in the affected areas.

How much is needed?

€21610 We need to raise €21610. From this amount will be purchased for each specialist:

  • Personal armor protection equipment, which includes a humanitarian demining sapper suit, eye/face/head protection (helmet and anti-fragmentation visor), special protective footwear, tactical gloves;
  • mine detector;
  • personal first aid kit;
  • also €8860 of this amount will be used to train a team at the “Humanitarian Demining Training Center”, Kamyanets-Podilskyi city.
€ 2 778 in 21 610