The levy is opened to help the BELPOL organization grow, expand its capacity, and support its participants and partners.

We offer you to participate in the creation of the new album of the Belarusian reggae band BOTANIC PROJECT. In 2021 the soloists of the project left Belarus, fleeing from the repression of Lukashenko's regime to Kiev.

“Volnyja” is an initiative in helping the former Belarusian politician prisoners. We help Volnyja to receive full support and to get back to a normal life, connecting people who want to help and those who need support after being released from prison.

The “Zhyve Belarus” hostel appeared in Bialystok to help Belarusians who left the country because of persecution by the regime start a new life.

My name is Aksenov Oleg. I together with a former political prisoner launched IT and marketing courses, where we teach free of charge Belarusians, who due to emigration found themselves in a difficult situation. Each of us has more than 8 years of experience in his field and 4 years of training experience.

Raising funds to rent space so that we can continue to operate our warehouse. Unfortunately, if we do not manage to raise funds for rent, we will be forced to close the project “FreeShop”.