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You are welcomed by the association of law enforcers of Belarus BELPOL!

Our main goal is to fight with all available methods against the criminal regime of Lukashenko and his Russian accomplices in order to restore law and order in Belarus.

Our activity has public and non-public components. From what we can talk about openly, we are engaged in:

  • Documenting the regime's crimes, conducting investigations and informing the public on their results. This work should be considered also as counter-propaganda, the purpose of which is to involve the broad masses in the discussion of the problems of modern Belarus;
  • Establishing interaction with international organizations, as well as interested state bodies of various countries, in order to use the tools that our association possesses for increasing the security of Belarusians who have been forced to leave the country, as well as of the whole European Union;
  • Verification of Belarusian citizens in the interests of democratic structures, diasporas and state bodies of the European Union;
  • Identification of persons and companies that help to circumvent the international sanctions imposed on the criminal authorities of Belarus;
  • Assisting the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, the Office of Svetlana Tihanovska and other Belarusian democratic organizations on various issues of relevance to them.

You can read some of the results of our work on social media:

Currently, the legal entity of our association is in the process of registration. As a result, we do not have funding, but we incur expenses for office rent, business trips.

How much is needed?

€15000, expenditure details:

  • office rent, utilities, high speed internet — €4000 for 3 months;
  • travel expenses — €2000 for 3 months;
  • financial support for staff and persons assisting the organization on a confidential basis — €9000 for 3 months.
€ 2 893 in 15 000