Support for the «Белые халаты» Telegram Channel Team

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«Белые халаты» is an initiative of non-indifferent Belarusian doctors. In their telegram channel, the «Белые халаты» tell and show what is really happening in healthcare in Belarus, share insides and collect information from hospitals and clinics.

In addition, «Белые халаты» educates and cares about the health of Belarusians. The channel regularly publishes useful information for both doctors and patients about the latest research and treatment methods based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. Each subscriber can ask a question to the initiative or share information.

The funds raised will go to support the work of the «Белые халаты» telegram channel. 

How much money is needed?

3000€ — support for the editorial board.

€ 509 in 3 000