Support for the Belarussian Orthodox community of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Vilnius

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Dear Belarussian sisters and brothers!

With the Easter Liturgy of 2023, the existence of the Belarussian Orthodox community within the Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople actually began.
This event inspired many of us and opened a new page in the history of the Belarusian Church. The first Belarusian community of Ecumenical Patriarchate has begun its existence and its future depends on each of us!

Now we are facing a number of tasks, which require common attention, active participation and support of all not indifferent people.


  • The Belarusian church community of the Patriarchate of Constantinople does not yet have its own place for worship and meetings. We hope to have a contract for the use of special premises, but it requires certain expenses connected with repair and maintenance, which are connected with needs of the church community;
  • The worship activities of the congregation are inextricably linked to choral singing. We need funds to support and develop the Belarussian choir, which should be one of the main hallmarks of our community.
  • The congregation needs to acquire, over time, the necessary liturgical supplies for worship services;
  • We have a responsibility for those sisters and brothers who find themselves in difficult situations and need help. We should have a fund to support those who need it most.
  • We see our activities as focused not only on the Vilnius community of Orthodox Belarusians, but we also intend to build active relationships with Belarusians around the world.
  • We hope that our congregation will carry out educational and cultural projects, provide spiritual and psychological assistance, and promote nationally oriented education for children. We hope to organize a Sunday school for children and educational courses in Bible studies and church traditions for adults;
  • We aspire to promote learning and popularization of the history of Belarussian people and Belarussian Orthodoxy, so that each of us can understand the unique historical way of our people and its spiritual formation;
  • The Belarusian church community is open to fraternal interaction with other Christian confessions and traditions and bears witness together with other Christians to the words of Christ.

Dear Belarusians, we hope very much that our goals are close to yours and that together we will be able to solve the tasks outlined. We ask you to support with your active participation and finances the activity of the Belarusian Orthodox community of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Thank you, everyone, as there is no small help.

How much is needed?

17000 € — a year's rent of the premises for the worship services and meetings, repairs of the premises, purchasing of furniture and utensils.

€ 1 670 in 17 000