Let's give summer to the children of political prisoners! 2023

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Received payments:

Belarus still has a huge number of political prisoners and former political prisoners, many of whom have children. Needless to say, the funds that one parent, and sometimes only grandparents, can get are barely enough to cover household expenses. 

We want to give the children, who are already under a lot of stress from being away from their parents, moments of joy. 

Funds raised will go to help organize summer vacations for children of political prisoners and people who have been released from prison:

  • Excursions, trips, travel, summer children's camps;
  • Educational circles on chess, drawing, etc.;
  • Sports sections: swimming pool, tennis, soccer;
  • Equipment for games: balls, sneakers, games, scooter, bike, rollers, brushes, wadding.

An amount of 100 euros will be allocated for each child.

To get help, you need to fill out this form.

We accept applications for aid until May 13.

The action is held by the Belarusian Solidarity Foundation BYSOL, the charity foundation “Country for Life”, the initiative to help political prisoners in Belarus Dissidentby, and the charity organization Littowin LIONS CLUB.

If the amount of the levy is exceeded, we will transfer the money to the fundraiser for the families of released political prisoners who are raising children.

€ 27 719 in 26 500