Let's give the summer to the children of political prisoners!

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Already received payments:

*As of August 4, 2022


With your help, dear benefactors, the “Give the Gift of Summer to the Children of Political Prisoners” campaign has been successfully completed!

When we started the collection, we didn't expect to receive so many applications — 119. On the one hand, we are glad that people apply for help and see it in the Foundation of Belarusian Solidarity BYSOL, on the other hand, we see how many children in need of material support in our country, whose parents are imprisoned for political reasons.
As a result, we collected a total of €24,690! With your help, we have collected and already paid to 119 children, from 78 families, support, which amounts to 200 Euros per child. This is a great result. Families are sending us thanks and stories about how happy the children are about the new purchases and their experiences in the classes, which they were able to pay for.

The amount raised from above we will transfer to a collection designed to get the children of political prisoners ready for school.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our partners, bloggers, artists, journalists — everyone who joined in this collection. And to those who reposted on social networks and tagged our foundation and tried to help not only financially, but also informationally. Thank you for not staying aside and spreading the word about the action, so that together the children could feel your solidarity and enjoy a piece of summer!  
We are the power together with you! The power of Belarusian solidarity.

CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION: July is beginning, and many children of political prisoners have not yet had a summer. This turned out after interviewing the families of political prisoners. Many have only enough financial means to cover the minimum basic needs.

We want to remind about the situation of political prisoners in Belarus and support their families.

Your help will go to a summer program for children of political prisoners:

  • educational programs, chess, drawing;
  • sports sections: swimming pool, tennis, soccer;
  • sports and play equipment: balls, running shoes, games, scooter, bicycle, rollerblades, brushes, wadding;
  • excursions, trips, travel, summer children's camps;

An amount of 200 euros will be allocated for each child.

* in case the collected amount exceeds the stated amount, we will transfer the over-funding to the collection intended to collect the children of political prisoners in school. This fee will appear on the platform in the near future.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 24 690
The collection is over. Сollected: € 24 690