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Support courtyard initiatives

In just a few weeks, the Belarusians were able to do what the regime could not do in 26 years — to unite people across the country. This was largely due to courtyard initiatives.

Small communities do a huge job — they show that there are many dissenting people and they are not going to give up. We, in turn, must help them — after all, our strength lies in solidarity.

What are courtyard initiatives?

First of all, these are Belarusians. Belarusians who put their children to bed and then take to the streets, risking their freedom, health and their own well-being. Belarusians who openly express their protest by hanging national flags throughout the region. Belarusians who remind their neighbors that the struggle continues by posting flyers and printing district wall newspapers. The Belarusians, who, despite the murders, intimidation and real prison terms, have been finding the strength and courage to openly oppose the dictatorship for 7 months.

How do we help courtyards?

We started helping the households financially on November 20. During this time (report as of 04/01/2021) we have already helped 105 households for a total amount of € 68 055. In helping the courtyards, the most important thing for us has always been and will be safety: only 2 people in the fund are working on applications, and we send funds only through cryptocurrency. Previously, we accepted applications by mail, but 2 months have passed since we launched the @dvor_bysol_bot telegram bot. During this time, we accepted 102 applications through the bot, verified and paid 63 of them for a total of € 14 714.

Now the protest goes underground and our task is to continue helping the courts to express their position openly. We are grateful to caring people from all over the world who help the heroic courts to continue their struggle and to express their protest in every way. Thanks to your donations, there are more leaflets and wall newspapers, flags and ribbons, murals and stickers in the courtyards.