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Support courtyard initiatives

What are backyard initiatives?

Yards are active Belarusians. Belarusians who risk their freedom, their health, and their own well-being in order to show the regime their dissent and support all those who continue to struggle. 

What are the yards doing now?

The repression against activists is only increasing by the day. The regime is very much afraid and tries everything to get rid of the “inconvenient. Activists are being detained and tried for absolutely absurd things: bch ribbons on the fence, distributing newspapers with truthful information, a white A4 sheet on the window, and so on. 

Now courtyards are mobilizing, learning, building horizontal connections between each other, organizing local protests, helping the families of political prisoners. Yard initiatives are the real heroes of our time, because they keep coming out, hanging flags and ribbons, printing newspapers and leaflets, drawing murals and graffiti. 

How do we help backyards?

We began financially supporting backyard initiatives on November 20, 2020. During this time (report as of 13.01.2022), 220 initiatives have received help for a total amount of 119853€.

In the work of the fund, the safety of activists is key: only 2 people in the fund work on applications, and we transfer funds only through cryptocurrency. We accept applications through the telegram bot @dvor_bysol_bot. In the bot activists can also find useful information related to cybersecurity, personal security, legal and other aspects. 

We organize online training sessions on the aforementioned topics, as well as other topics of interest to activists themselves. For example, in November 2021 we launched a series of five psychological health trainings for activists. 

We support various initiatives — activists can always write to our Telegram account @bysol_help and we will try to help them with any requests.

Why help the yards?

So they can continue to express the position of Belarusians regarding the ongoing lawlessness in the country. If illegitimate authorities react so sharply to the truth, it is necessary to continue to show and tell it to all. We are grateful to the caring people from all over the world who help the heroic yards to continue their struggle and express their protest in every way possible. The yards are not doing it for themselves, but for each and every one of us — it's our job to help them. After all, our strength is in solidarity.


Photo: “bysol with us”