Let's give the children of political prisoners a summer vacation!

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Let's give the children of political prisoners a summer vacation! 

International Children's Day is celebrated annually on June 1 and is dedicated to the protection of children's rights. This day reminds us of the need to create conditions for a happy and safe childhood for every child. For four years already on the eve of this day we have been launching an action for children of political prisoners. Each time we remind the public of the challenges and difficulties faced by families with children. Many families have only enough money to cover basic needs. 

The traditional children's campaign is organized this year by the Humanitarian Emergency Project, which includes the BYSOL, ByHelp, Country for Life, DissidentbyAssociation of Belarusians in America and Association of Belarusian Business Abroad. This is a collection before summer vacation, aimed at making sure Belarusians don't feel left behind. Together with you we can help these families, the children in them, feel that they are not alone with their problems.

Who can become participants of the action:

- Families of political prisoners in which one or both parents are incarcerated (including chemistry with or without a referral) 
 — former political prisoners who have already been released

Funds raised will go towards:

- Excursions, trips, travel, summer camps for children;
 — Educational circles on chess, drawing, etc.;
 — Sports sections: swimming pool, tennis, soccer;
 — Equipment for games: balls, sneakers, scooter, bicycle, rollers, brushes, absorbent cotton.

If you are worried about your safety, you can fill out the form without sending documents. We will contact you and clarify the necessary information in correspondence.

For each child under 16 years of age, a 100 euro assistance will be paid. Applications will be accepted until May 19 inclusive.
In order to receive assistance you need to fill in the form.

€ 17 717 in 25 000