Support Belarusian volunteers in the ranks of the Ukrainian army

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The collection is designed to supply organized groups of brave Belarusian men and women in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. Today we all have the opportunity not only to grieve over what a shame it is for all Belarusians to participate in the war of a dictatorial regime, but also to help Ukrainians stand up to the aggressor's blow. Some of us do it with weapons in hand, those who do not have such an opportunity, support our common struggle with money and information.

Our common task is to stop this war. The best way is to defeat the invading hordes.

As of today, the total number of fighters who need our supplies is no more than 100, but the number is growing every day. The average amount of a minimum set of protection (helmet and body armor) is about 1,000 EUR.

How much is needed?

130000€ — The minimum amount needed to cover the needs of Belarusian volunteers.

€ 167 527 in 180 000