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Now BYSOL has hundreds of employees and volunteers led by founders Andrey Strizhak, Jaroslau Likhachevsky and Alexey Kuzmenkov. Most of us had to leave the country due to the repression. We work from different parts of the world and, together with representatives of the diaspora and activists in Belarus, help those who have suffered at the hands of the regime.

Andrey Strizhak

Human rights activist, civic activist, volunteer. Has been working in the public sector since 2000, and has been involved in crowdfunding projects since 2015. He helped the repressed in Belarus, local residents and doctors in the combat zone in Donbass. Awarded with the medal of the Belarusian People's Republic.

At BYSOL he is engaged in external communications and relations with partners.

Yaroslav Likhachevsky

Programmer, IT-entrepreneur, BSU graduate. He founded the educational project and the Deepdee startup, which develops artificial intelligence for medical diagnostics.

At BYSOL, he participates in the development of the Digital Solidarity platform, is responsible for raising funds, coordinating with diasporas, dealing with the areas of the labor movement and the Medical Solidarity Foundation.

Alexey Kuzmenkov

Programmer, specialist in the field of artificial intelligence, IT-entrepreneur, graduate of BSUIR. Together with Yaroslav Likhachevsky, he founded a startup Deepdee, where he holds the post of technical director. He is also an active member of the Belarusian diaspora in the Netherlands.

At BYSOL, he is responsible for the administration in the Netherlands and communication with European politicians.

What are we doing right now?

  • We support courtyard initiatives.
  • We support families of political prisoners.
  • We support the labor movement.
  • We help Belarusians in emergency relocation.
  • We help victims of torture launch a mechanism to bring perpetrators to justice at the international level.

For successful work, we build relationships with international partners, business and representatives of the Belarusian diasporas around the world. And behind each of these areas is an ordinary person who does not agree to just look at the crimes of the regime.


personal history:

“I left Belarus and joined the fund's team in August,” says BYSOL employee Alena. — I am responsible for helping the dismissed, there are 25 volunteers in my team.

We receive applications, verify them. Verification of one application takes 2-3 days, and in September-October 2020, we received about 50 applications per day, so we worked almost around the clock.

Later, our working group switched from financial support to employment and retraining. Now we help people find work and start a new life.