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Since 2020, we have been providing assistance to political prisoners and their families in Belarus. In 2022, our efforts resulted in systemic support to individuals totaling more than 1,114,000 euros.

We have helped more than 20,000 people and continue to do so every day!

Since 2020, over 740 charitable fundraisers for people in need of help have been posted on our website. In 2022, we opened more than 340 fundraisers and made payouts exceeding 600,000 euros. Given the tightening of repression in Belarus, we have developed a model for verifying applicants and posting legendary fundraisers.

The BYSOL Foundation has a mechanism for evacuating Belarusians from the country. Thanks to this, since 2021, we have provided direct assistance in evacuating more than 400 people, amounting to more than 150,000 euros!

BYSOL does not charge any commission on donations; we raise funds separately to support the team's work.

What do we do now?

BYSOL is working in these directions:

  • We are supporting backyard initiatives in Belarus.
  • We help families of political prisoners who are hourly deprived of access.
  • We are engaged in the extrapolation of Belarusians who are under threat of income from political prisoners.
  • We support those who have been condemned for political reasons and need assistance: medical, psychological and financial, in order to return to a normal life.
  • We support the Belarusian activists who are now fighting for the freedom of Ukraine and help its citizens to stand up to the attacks of the aggressor.
  • Because of your support, we are collecting medical supplies and baronies that are indispensable in Ukraine for the country's institutions that work with Ukrainian medics and the civilian population in the conflict zone.

We have been following the situation in Belarus all the time, responding to the needs of the community and helping those who need it:

  • We launched a collection to help children go to school and buy school supplies, shoulder pads and other necessities for them;
  • With your help, we have made it possible for families to have holy Christmas;
  • Thanks to you, we took some relatives, to help the veterans, who were killed by the state.
  • Behind each of these gatherings and behind each direction there is a person. We work to help those who are fighting for freedom.

By thanking thousands of uncommitted people — by thanking you, we were able to help a very large number of people. The total amount of aid in this period was 4.5 million euros.

€ 80 898 in 100 000