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Christmas campaign: they are not together, but they are together

Many political prisoners have young children. They know nothing about politics, but they know exactly that they want to celebrate the family holiday with their dear fathers and mothers. The freedom of a parent would be the best gift for them, because family is sacred, and for them to gather around the Christmas table all together is priceless. How important it is that even in these dark times, the families of Belarusian political prisoners have a holiday. Despite everything. To gain strength from bright events, to make their loved ones happy and to nourish the faith in victory inside them.

Belarusian Solidarity Foundation BYSOL announces the action “They are not together, but together!

The essence of the action is that a political prisoner or a prisoner on political grounds "presents" to their children a holiday — a letter with greetings, which will be handed over by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. They will tell the child that they came to visit the family because they were asked to do so by the father or mother who is imprisoned.

Children can take a family photo with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden and send it to their dad or mom in a letter to the prison.  That way the family will touch each other invisibly and smile.


If you are a relative of a political prisoner and would like to receive a visit from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, please fill out the form.