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Support the families of political prisoners

Today human rights defenders recognized 495 people as political prisoners — it means that a person got put in jail because of using their right to show their opinion which is guaranteed to every Belarusian by The Constitution.  If this opinion doesn’t coincide with the one approved by the authorities, they gag the dissidents with imprisonment. In such a situation, not only those behind bars often suffer, but also their loved ones.

The number of prisoners of conscience increases every week. Someone was left without a mistress or master of the house, someone else has little children or a pregnant wife, and we are trying to support them and their loved ones.

Since January 1, 2021, we have assisted 154 families by paying out 81 000 euros. These 500 euros per family are often used for basic necessities: food, packages to their imprisoned relatives, and loan repayments. We plan to raise another 250 000 euros to help 500 more families: those of political prisoners and of people who are still in the process of obtaining this status but are also imprisoned on a politically motivated case.

Only by helping each other, we can feel confident that we will not be abandoned in hard times, and now every Belarusian is living in them.