Helping political prisoners who have been released

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New fundraiser to support former political prisoners who have served time in prison for their beliefs. It is important to give them maximum support after they leave prison, when their old life is ruined, the imprisonment has earned them physical and psychological health problems and they lack the simplest of material means, starting with clothes. We can give them a foothold at the beginning of a new life: medical, psychological, financial and material assistance. It is even more important for them, former political prisoners of the regime, to feel our solidarity support. 

It is important to show these people that they are important to us and that we have not forgotten about them. In this difficult time, we support each other, it's the only way we can be together and keep fighting!

Those released will receive comprehensive support, depending on what they need:

 — a one-time payment (for first needs, vitamins, etc.);
 — medical and psychological assistance;
 — Support for retraining;
 — visa and other support.

The support program for the released is being implemented jointly with the @BY_help campaign.

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€ 36 106 in 40 000