Private fundraising

The family of political prisoners Vaitekhovich, defendants in the case of the arson of the house of deputy Gaidukevich, an active servant of the Lukashenko regime, needs support. In custody now: father-Vitali Vaitekhovich, mother-Olga Vaitekhovich, son-Vladislav Vaitekhovich, son's wife-Anastasia Vaitekhovich.

In 2020 my family made their choice, in December 2020 was convicted under s.23.34. in 2021 in November was taken to detention center under s.342.1, after 7 months of arrest was sentenced to 3 years of home chemo.

My husband is a political prisoner, after the events of 2020, our family, myself and daughter have been without his support for 7 and a half years. We are in dire straits and need help. My husband is incarcerated.

A brave man who went out on a solitary picket against injustice in the country was convicted under Articles 368 and 370. At his trial he was sentenced to two years of “chemo.” He now needs help for the first time on his release, as he will need to regain his health.

Experienced Ukrainian fighters continue to defend their country from unthinkable military aggression. Now one of the squads is in dire need of help to purchase equipment.