Private fundraising

My name is Denis. My spouse and I were detained in June 2022. I was imprisoned for a year and a half, and my spouse and child were urgently evacuated by the BYSOL team. After my release, I left Belarus.

Belarusian traveler Michalina Okun, who was forced to leave Belarus due to threats from snitch Olga Bondareva, needs to acquire equipment to process her photo-video archive of images of the Belarusian village, Belarusian traditional rituals, and to create her YouTube channel.

In the spring of 2023 I was released from the penal colony, where I stayed for a year and a half. Then I was summoned to the ROVD again, and had to escape. The BYSOL Foundation evacuated me.

We are a mortar team, fighters of the Second International Legion of Defense of Ukraine, we open a pickup collection for transporting mortars and rotating twins on zero.

15 years ago I took in a little girl from an orphanage who became my daughter. Now she is enrolled in university and I need to help her pay her tuition. I can not do this because I myself am in emigration after serving a year in a general regime colony.

Due to repression and criminal prosecution we had to leave Belarus as a family. However, we have encountered great difficulties in obtaining international protection. We need help to pay for medical services, language courses, court costs, and to buy clothes and school supplies for the children.

Eugene participated in the 2020 protests and was a civic activist. He is currently facing the need to pay for treatment including medication and counseling with a psychologist to overcome depression with suicidal thoughts.

I was forced to leave Belarus, however my mother and my sister, a person with a disability, stayed at home. Please take care of my family until I get on my feet and can help them myself.

I participated in protests in Belarus in 2020, after which I was forced to leave for Ukraine. After the full-scale war started, I stood up for the defense of Ukraine with Igor Yanki's unit. I took part in the battles for the liberation of the Kiev and Kharkov regions.

The Czech Republic has denied international protection to a Belarusan who fled Lukashenko's regime in Ukraine, and later the war, to the Czech Republic. Legal fees are required to appeal this decision.

I had to drop out of college because I was “loud” about the situation in Ukraine and Belarus. Now, in order not to have my family's property described, I need to repay the funds spent on my tuition.

Has suffered a serious open injury to his arm. Recovery will take about three months. I am not in Belarus, I have no insurance. That is why I appeal to you for help.

My name is Valery Stupachenko. This is one of the pseudonyms under which I write for independent Belarusian publications. In 2020 I left Belarus. However, it is difficult for me, because age takes its toll. I ask Belarusians for help.

I am a former policeman from Grodno. In the winter of 2021 I was prosecuted for insulting a representative of authority because of a comment in VKontakte. I will need to leave the country, otherwise I will have no life here.

I was sentenced to 2 years in prison for insulting Lukashenko. During this time my family has accumulated large debts on rent and loan penalties. I ask Belarusians to help me to start living further.

The founders of the band Irdorath, Nadezhda and Vladimir, were detained in August 2021 and sentenced to 2 years in prison for playing the song “Change” on bagpipes during the 2020 protests. After their release, they urgently left Belarus and are starting a new life in a new country.