Collection for the BY_Help team

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BY_Help is one of the two largest initiatives to help repressed Belarusians. Since 2020, we have collected more than five million euros, which we have donated to help 18 thousand Belarusians affected by repression. Our initiative has covered and continues to cover fines, lawyer services, and makes payments to victims of violence.

In 2023, BY_Help opened a new direction of assistance — medical rehabilitation of political prisoners who are within the country or have gone abroad. We received and spent one million three hundred thousand euros for this area. In addition, we have opened a network of safe shelters for Belarusians in Poland and Lithuania.

We plan to continue our activities in 2024.

From the very beginning until today, BY_Help continues to provide assistance within Belarus, despite the increasing risks associated with the delivery of assistance. And now, when we remain one of the few organizations that promptly provides assistance within the country, our workload has increased greatly. In addition to increasing the number of requests for assistance and the number of political prisoners we support, we are also helping partner initiatives to get their assistance to the recipients. All this means the need to increase the team and pay people salaries (although no amount of money can compensate for the potential risk of getting 8+ years in prison for a caught BY_Help courier).

We are asking you for help in financing our team, on whose work hundreds of people depend: former political prisoners, victims of repression, families of the repressed.

How much is needed?


the salary of one courier is €500. Need money for 10 people for 3 months.

€ 2 668 in 15 000