BYSOL Foundation announces accepting applications for mini-grant for activists and civil initiatives

We announce a program to support projects aimed at solving socio-political problems in Belarus, democratic change and development of civil society in the country.

Who can participate? Initiatives, communities, activists inside and outside Belarus.

What is the amount of support? The BYSOL Foundation will provide competitive support to 10 projects totaling 50.000€.

How will these funds be distributed? 

  1. Micro-grant: 5 projects with a budget between 1000 and 3000€. Assistance to cover the costs related to the ongoing project activities. Co-financing is allowed (if your project is already supported). Excludes coverage of executors' fees.
  2. Mini-grant: 5 projects with a budget between 3000 and 7000 euros. Self-supported projects with the possibility of covering up to 30% of the declared budget.

What can be supported?

  • Educational projects (courses, trainings, workshops) for communities and activists.
  • Media projects aimed at informing and involving target groups in socio-political problems of Belarus.
  • Projects related to assistance to political prisoners and their families, as well as to those who have been released from prison.
  • Projects aimed at developing democratic principles and solving socio-political problems within Belarus.
  • Projects aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of the Belarusian population who suffered from repressions.
  • Support of volunteer initiatives that help repressed Belarusians. 

Main criteria for project evaluation: 

  • Compliance with the time frame of implementation: the project duration is from 2 to 6 months. 
  • A specific objective is formulated, target groups and strategy for achieving the objectives are correctly defined. Key tasks and measurable achievable results are outlined. 
  • Relevance to the topics listed above.
  • The target audience and its intended reach is highlighted.
  • Safety: the applicant demonstrates an understanding of safety protocols and critically assesses the risks associated with the project. 

Application Submission and Review Deadlines:

Applications will be accepted from July 14, 2023 through August 14, 2023. Deadline for review of applications and announcement of results to applicants: by August 31, 2023.

More information about the grant support program, terms and conditions and deadlines can be found here — To apply for project support, please fill out the form

If you have any questions about filling out the application form or need help — write to our tag account: @bysol_help.

General fundraising

BYSOL supports released political prisoners and their families, people forced to leave the country, Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine, and initiatives that help Belarusians fight lawlessness in the country.