Support for political prisoners as part of the solidarity marathon “We care!”

At the end of July, the BYSOL Foundation took part in the online solidarity marathon “We don't care about everything”, where joint efforts raised more than half a million euros. This money, intended to help political prisoners and their families, pay for lawyers and medical care, was divided among several foundations, associations and initiatives so as not to allow overlapping payments or payments to the same people.

The BYSOL Foundation received €100,000 to be given to the families of political prisoners as well as to political prisoners who have already been released. A one-off payment of €500 will be given to 200 families.

You can apply for help by filling in the application form on the website:
 — Support for released political prisoners
 — Support for families of political prisoners.


  • Applicants who have NOT RECEIVED assistance from BYSOL in the form of a lump sum payment/personal assistance during 2022-2023.
  • Applicants who WERE assisted by BYSOL in the form of a lump sum payment/personal charge during 2020-2021.
  • Applicants who have previously received assistance from BYSOL through child assistance campaigns (summer vacation levy/return to school levy/Christmas levy).

The application is expected to take between one day and one week to process.

General fundraising

BYSOL supports released political prisoners and their families, people forced to leave the country, Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine, and initiatives that help Belarusians fight lawlessness in the country.