Andrei (name changed) is an activist who spent more than two years in a colony for participating in protests. After that he moved to Poland and needs support.

Ivan Skuratovich, an activist of ZUBR and Tell the Truth movement has been involved in the political life of the country since 2001. In 2024, after another arrest, he moved to Poland, where he needs support.

The Volnyja Initiative helps released political prisoners with re-socialisation. In order to continue their work, they need your help.

Ekaterina, who participated in peaceful protests in Belarus, asks for help. After moving to Poland in 2022, her daughter Dasha was diagnosed with cancer; they need funds for accommodation near the hospital while treatment is ongoing.

“Dom Tvortsau” is an initiative that helps repressed Belarusians. It is a place for accommodation, rehabilitation, creative realization and exchange of experience of creative people from Belarus, including political prisoners. “Dom Tvortsau” organizes free psychological trainings for those who faced stress and burnout in emigration, creative meetings and art therapy classes. The initiative needs financial support to continue its activities.

BY_Help is a major initiative that systematically financially helps people inside Belarus. Our team in the country needs support.

Belarusian independent media is on the verge of closure. But thanks to you we will be able to keep the team of our journalists-newsmen and not to stop the work.