Private fundraising

My spouse and I each served 4 months in SIZO-1. The sentence was 3 years of “chemo”. During this time we were both fired from our jobs. We also accumulated rent arrears (4 months at 300 euros) and utility bills. We also took 2 simple phones on credit from the operator A1, because our phones are under arrest.

We were given a 70 b.v. fine for an Instagram picture posted on 08/15/2020. During the search they seized a phone and a laptop, which are necessary for our family. My husband's residence permit in Belarus was not renewed and he had to leave. I was left alone with three children (on maternity leave). My husband was the only source of income in our family.

I am a person with an active civic position, over the years participated in various protests, for which I was repeatedly subjected to various kinds of reprisals: fines, days, attempted dismissal from work. Subsequently, I was sent to places not so distant under the protest article. After my release I find myself in a hopeless situation.

I need help to leave Belarus for Poland and recover from repression. I am disabled. I need money for an apartment, food, medicine and to open a visa.

I have been convicted twice under Article 369 of the Criminal Code (insulting a representative of authority), for three years of home chemistry. I am raising a daughter who is seriously ill. This year she goes to school.

I am a young doctor, an activist. After detention, detention center and trial I found myself in a difficult financial situation. I need money for legalization in a new country, nostrification and translation of documents.

A former fighter of the “Pagonya” regiment, a member of the public association “Pagonya” (Kiev), was seriously wounded during combat missions. The Belarusian fighter was carrying out a mission of his AFU unit command.

In 2022, when Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine began, I could not stay away and went as a volunteer. I took part in combat operations in Severodonetsk, near Kramatorsk, in the Zaporozhye region. My call sign was Iron. I was part of the aerial reconnaissance group and was engaged in artillery correction.

I am a former political prisoner. I was serving my sentence in IK-15, Mogilev. After release my family was in a difficult situation. They have five dependent children, one of whom is two years old. During my time in prison I got debts and credit debts.

Our family is one of thousands who have suffered from the illegal actions of the regime. My husband has been in prison since August 2020. We really need your help to collect parcels.

I am an activist from the city of Ivie. I'm a cultural anthropologist and museologist. Founder and first director of the Museum of National Cultures. Sentenced to two years of home confinement under article 369. She was put on the list of extremists. During my time in prison I didn't change my civic position. Because of this I was constantly subjected to pressure. I was repeatedly placed in a punishment cell.

I am a Belarussian volunteer with the call sign “Sanitar”. Two days after the start of the full-scale war, I did not hesitate to volunteer for the front. I took part in fights for Nikolayev, Kherson and Zaporozhye. I was awarded the medal “Ukraine — above everything!” and the medal “For courage in carrying out special missions”.

Was forced to flee Belarus due to repression. There is not enough money to pay for housing in the country of stay. No savings left, now there is a critical issue of eviction due to arrears. I am afraid of being left on the street. I am very much asking for help.

I am Eugene Karankevich, an activist of the Belarusan opposition movement since 2017. I had financial problems after an unsuccessful attempt to get a job in the AFU related to moving from Ukraine to Poland.

I was forced to leave the country after the verdict was pronounced in court. I fled to Lithuania. I faced a number of problems: work, paying accommodation and groceries. At the moment I have no money for accommodation and food, I am in a difficult situation.

Support the family of Pavel Belous, a man who gave his freedom for the love of Belarus! Pavel's family has had their cars and some household appliances confiscated. All the property in the house (from the closet to the kettle) has been described and may be confiscated

Got into a difficult situation from which I myself, unfortunately, can not get out. I am left without housing and means of livelihood. The difficulty of the situation is that I cannot find an official job, since I applied for international protection. Working illegally in Poland is fraught with consequences.

My name is Kirill, I am 19 years old. The first time I was detained on September 6, 2020 at a rally in Grodno, they gave me a 10 base fine. After 1.5 years, on 03.02.2022 I was detained under criminal article 342 part 1, as if I was 16 years old, who organized protests in Grodno.

I was forced to move out of Belarus after my trial so I wouldn't be held hostage by my own country. But it didn't end there. My family and I have been persecuted for over a year now. During this year there was a civil trial, at which, of course, I wasn't present. I was put on a list of extremists.

My husband is recognized as a political prisoner. I was left alone with a small child and pregnant for the last month. At this point, the youngest baby is 6 months old and my dad wasn't even holding him in his arms. The second baby is 2 years old.

On August 10, I was sentenced by the Leninsky District Court of the city of Mogilev to 2 years and 6 months of restriction of freedom. After the change of the third “chemo” in a row the rest of my time was changed to imprisonment, to be served in correctional colony #8 in Orsha. My family and I decided to leave Belarus.

I was convicted under Article 342 — 1.5 years of restriction of liberty with a referral to the PSI. At the moment I am serving my sentence. I was the main source of income for the family. Now my wife and two children are having financial difficulties.

My name is Yan Derzhavtsev. I am a pensioner and activist from Vitebsk. I have been fighting with the regime since 1994. I was forced to leave due to threat to my life and health.

My call sign “Lys”, I am a Belarussian Volunteer of the AFU. I love Ukraine and Belarus. I consider it my duty to protect the brotherly country and not to allow a similar scenario in my homeland. But for health reasons I was forced to leave the AFU.

My name is Maxim Prazhenik. In Belarus I was sentenced to 3 years of chemistry and then was forced to leave Belarus and moved to Ukraine, but there the war began and I went as a volunteer, but then, for health reasons, was forced to leave the AFU and moved to Poland.

Critically in need of help. I escaped from Belarus. I was repressed twice for my civic position. Now I found myself in a foreign country with no means of survival.

On March 22 of this year, a precinct officer came to my house with a search warrant. The house was trashed in a way that was scary to look at. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures of the whole mess right away, I only took pictures of 20% of what I hadn't cleaned up in the children's room.

Galina Smirnova was detained on March 24 on the eve of Freedom Day and is being held in the TDF under Article 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (“Detention on direct suspicion of committing a crime”). It is unknown what crime Halina is suspected of. Galina needs urgent help for a lawyer, she needs an urgent operation on her spine, a surgery was scheduled for 13 April in Minsk.