Help for the family of Dmitry Kulakov and his mother, who were forced to leave Belarus in an emergency

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After I returned from Ukraine, my mother started having problems at work in Belarus, which reached the point of being fired. Mom worked in a military unit, and it's a miracle that the KGB only found out about our family situation now. Most likely it was my mother's maiden name that saved us.

Because of my civic position, Mom had to go through political persecution. They took her straight out of work and put her in a car. They took her to all kinds of offices for half a day and only let her go late at night, taking the phone away for forensics. It was urgent to tow it away, which we successfully did thanks to some good people. 

Because of all this we had debts of about 600 euros and the question of housing came up sharply. Plus, our lease expires on December 31, and the second owner has no opportunity to sign and renew the current contract. Since December 5, I moved to a better-paying job, my mother has been working for two weeks, my wife has been working since September, but seasonal illness began and she is now on sick leave with the children. All the combined problems leave us in a difficult position. We would greatly appreciate everyone's solidarity.

How much is needed?

2150€ — payment of debts; rent for a new place to live.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 504
The collection is over. Сollected: € 504