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We help families to urgently leave Republic of Belarus
People from a wide range of professions and socio-economic backgrounds fall victim of repressions: factory workers who posted a video condemning violence, doctors who spoke up about the severity of the injuries received by detainees at the hands of police, journalists who cover protests, local activists and telegram (messaging app) chat administrators.

The most difficult time for a family is when a relative falls under repressions unexpectedly. A law abiding citizen can attend a single peaceful rally, record an online video condemning violence, or leave a comment on social networks and become a target for the state overnight.

From the date of signing the travel restriction form, you have 3 days to leave. Most people manage on their own. But many find themselves urgently needing financial support.

Documents, travel and other expenses can add up to $1200-1400 per person.

The one off collections for individual families have in the past been successfully donated by Belarusian expats around the world, but often at a very short notice.

We decided to launch a centralized collection pool in order to be able to quickly respond to a family's request to relocate.
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Right now, politically motivated criminal cases are brought up against many people in Belarus. There are currently 185 prisoners of conscience and over 200 more are imprisoned due to politically motivated cases.
Svetlana's story
A mother with three children asked for help from the Diaspora after being persecuted by the police. Her friends and she hung ribbons, distributed leaflets and decorated walls with posters, and now she faces up to 3 years in prison under criminal article.
She left home in late November with children, hoping to get protection in Lithuania, but only the kids could leave. Mom had to make a difficult decision and send them to Lithuania, where volunteers are still helping, only recently their grandmother was able to visit them. The woman herself remains in danger and has not seen her children for more than two months.
Now, she has the opportunity to leave, but she needs financial support. About 1200 euros are missing for emergency relocation. Especially for emergency situations volunteers opened a pool with a quick payment process.
This woman is not the only one who is left in this position and who we want to help. If more than 1200 get help will go to other families in an emergency.
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Dima's story:
The Soligorsk entrepreneur and activist was a telegram (messaging app) channel administrator where he made statements calling for a strike in response to large scale election fraud and unprecedented police violence. Dima was forced to flee after he was threatened with physical violence and was charged with Article 342, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, punishable by up to 3 years in prison for calling for strikes. Dima's wife left first, as she was 5 months pregnant and could not risk staying in the country. Now they are both safe, but have not seen each other yet as they are waiting for their paperwork.
"I was on the verge of despair. I turned to many places for help. Everyone was very empathetic to my problem, but you are the only ones who have provided real help."
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