Family in need of medical care

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Because of my disagreement with the policies of the lying government — I was convicted in two criminal cases of Article 369 of the Criminal Code “for insulting police officers” and sentenced to 2.5 years of home chemo. The criminal case resulted in my dismissal from work. Now I have no chance to find a new job for several reasons. First, many companies refuse to cooperate with a person on home chemistry. Secondly, the specifics of my health play a role — heavy physical labor is forbidden by doctors, tearing and flaking of the retina. 

Going through this difficult time, my family and I are in a very difficult financial situation: two loans, frequent trips to Minsk and Borovlyany, preparing the child for surgery on the eyes (which also requires a large financial outlay). Now I am developing cataracts, but we cannot allocate funds from the family budget for the surgery. Our family has three dependent school children, one of whom is a senior this year. The youngest child is 10 years old. We would be very grateful to anyone who can help us with this situation.

How much is needed?

660€ — payment for medical eye surgery; transportation costs for trips to medical facilities; partial repayment of a loan for 3 months in advance.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 694
The collection is over. Сollected: € 694