Support for three Belarusian nurses who suffered repression

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Hi! We, the BYMEDSOL team and the White Coats Media Project, are writing to you with an important request.

In our country, where healthcare workers regularly face repression, many nurses have been treated unfairly for their openness and willingness to help. We are launching a fundraiser to support three Belarusian nurses who have suffered repression from the Lukashenko regime.

These women are no less brave than their physician colleagues who have spoken out against injustice, helped victims of repression during protests, and have been outspoken. As a result, they had to leave the country to avoid imminent arrest.

While their physician colleagues often find job opportunities, nurses have a much harder time getting a job in their specialty after relocating. These women, who have given years of their lives to studying and practicing medicine, now find themselves in a situation where their skills and experience are not applicable in the new reality.

We cannot stand by as we see those who have saved lives and cared for the health of others now struggling for their own survival.

We currently have three confirmed stories of reprisals against these women (and more we have not been able to track down), and we want to support them. They have chosen to remain anonymous because the safety of their families is still at risk.

We call on you to show solidarity and provide the necessary support to these people. Your donations will go towards helping them adapt to their new life in safety.

Thank you for your support!

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Your donations will go towards helping three Belarusian nurses adapt to their new life.

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