Aid to a retired woman convicted under 24.23

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20.05.2021 at 7 am in the apartment broke into 4 unknown persons in masks, then one introduced himself as an inspector, showed a black photocopy of a photo window with a sheet of A4 size with a dark stripe in the middle. According to the materials of the case, the denunciation was made by the Chief Inspector of the Frunzenski DPD Zagor A.I., who photographed the window while on duty. I was detained, allegedly only for the report, but I was kept in the police department until evening without food and with chlorine tap water. Then I was taken to the TDF on Okrestina. 

There were seven of us in a three-bed cell. There was a diverse group of people. No mattresses or beds. I slept on a table. Luckily I was not too tall and not too heavy. The lights were on all night. I know what horrors my compatriots had to go through, so I am just stating the facts. For tomorrow, 21.05.2021 at 17-30 I was fined 100 BW by the Court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk for placing “protest” symbols on the window. 

Judge Chizh Y.I. did not pay it voluntarily. And on 05.08.2021 an enforcement proceeding was instituted and a compulsory fee of 10 BW was added. 

All in all it was necessary 3190 BW. Today it is 1100 €. I am 62 years old. 

Of the income — only a pension of 476 rubles. Unfortunately, half of it goes on drugs.

How much is needed?

1210 € — Aid to cover these expenses. 

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 280
The collection is over. Сollected: € 280