Helping a former political prisoner who needs post-release medical care

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I voted for Svetlana Tihanovskaya in the election and took a picture of my passport in front of the ballot. I sent the photo to the social networks and “Golos” platform. On election day I was in the city with my friends, I saw and heard the grenades explosions, I gasped and lost my eyesight after the tear gas, helped women and children to leave the shooting zone, by 11 p.m. a young boy was wounded by a grenade and I took him to the hospital. I saw blood and could not sleep after what I saw (Anger and Madness filled my mind).

The next day I went out for a walk, like a normal summer day, but the center was already closed. People in masks with slits without IDs or epaulets poked us with machine guns, put us on our knees, and searched our pockets. They found a photo from the “Golos” platform and began beating us with clubs. They made us kneel in an unidentified building for about an hour. That is how I damaged my ligaments and menisci. I was hungry for 24 hours without water or food and without medical care.

Then they read me the charges and all my relatives prayed (they thought I would be released and get a suspended sentence or “chemo” at home). They waited for the trial and then they handcuffed me. During and after the trial I was sick with covid and endless humiliation (without medical care).

The hatred had penetrated inside and affected my mental state. Therefore, after my release I cannot live peacefully, as I constantly see people in uniform, dark cars, turn around in the staircase and cannot talk on the phone. I am haunted by fear and a state of hopelessness, that now I will not surrender without resistance, and there will be consequences, up to and including execution.

When I was in detention, they came to the house. Wearing masks with slits, with shoes, with automatic rifles and search equipment, under the guise of a search, they could plant something in the house and then pin new charges on me. That's why I made the decision to run fast. I only had time to get an MRI. The doctor said that the surgery would be free, but I wouldn't be able to run and lift weights (social state!) It's better to go to a paid clinic in Minsk, and now I have to do the surgery abroad.

I feel safe abroad. I am waiting for my family, documents and collecting money for surgery and rehabilitation. Thank you to all kind, honest and kind-hearted people. I will always remember your kindness and support, and as soon as I get back on my feet — I will continue to help Belarusians and all those who fight for human rights, freedom and democracy.

How much is needed?

3100€ — rent, a deposit for an apartment with a children's room; knee surgery and rehabilitation; medicines and basic necessities for the time of rehabilitation.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 4 496
The collection is over. Сollected: € 4 496