Assistance in relocating a physician's family who is under pressure

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I have been an active participant in women's and Sunday marches against violence. I have been interviewed several times by Belsat. I visited the battered and wounded in GKB 2 and 6. Provided material assistance to people. Hid protesters from detentions in my apartment.

On 17.12.20 a major and a lieutenant colonel came to the place of my work, the “Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy” and they took me away. They took me home, where they conducted a search. During the search, they took away two computer systems, four telephones and two tablets. The items belonged to my husband and son. No documents were given to me about the seizure. 

The next day the doctor in charge called me and took verbal explanations. Together with the head of department, they allowed me to continue working. 
The chief doctor was fired, because she refused to fire me and other doctors, who had gone through Oskrestin. Before her dismissal she prolonged my contract.

In June the police called me and announced that they were going to search me again tomorrow. On 16.07 I was summoned by the new chief physician, who rudely told me that the riot police would soon come for me at work. On Monday I was summoned for questioning in Kamenetz. I wrote a letter of resignation, as I did not plan to go to the interrogation.

On July 20, I moved to Russia illegally. Since August I am in Ukraine. A lot of money was spent on relocation. I lived in other countries and worked part-time jobs to survive. In Belarus a divisional police officer visits the houses of my neighbors and puts pressure on my family. My mom had two searches, she was summoned to the prosecutor's office. My aunt in Brest was also searched and recently summoned for questioning. I need help in organizing my family's move to Ukraine.

How much is needed?

2500 € for documents in Ukraine, moving to Poland and moving my husband.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 1 697
The collection is over. Сollected: € 1 697