Help for a mother and child forced to leave the country because of persecution

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On May 9, my husband and I were detained for picketing a logging site with a BCB flag. They searched the place, took away my phone and laptops. On May 12 I was already tried. The forest near my dacha was being cut down at a rapid pace, we could already see the road, and the whole area was covered in huge gaps, actually my post on forest cutting was the first, which started a wave of statements in TV-channels, from which we all learned that the whole country was affected. 
On May 12th I was interrogated for a long time and I was persuaded to testify against my husband, they made a video of my confession, held a trial and sentenced me to 100 BP. My husband was given 30 days in jail, then eight more trumped-up reports were made and he was sentenced to 60 days. When I got home, in my mailbox I found a letter stating that a criminal investigation was being conducted on me and my husband. I had to act — I took my mother (I was threatened that they would lock her up too) and my child and left the country. I paid the fine before I left so there would be no problems with leaving the country.  Now we are deciding what to do next. I found myself alone in a foreign country, my husband is not with me, and I am a sole proprietor — I cannot work yet, because all the equipment has been confiscated. Expenses for housing, food, and a lawyer for my husband — all this has now fallen on my shoulders and I really need financial support.

How much is needed?

1000 euros — rent in the new country, food, help to my husband

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 237
The collection is over. Сollected: € 237