Financial aid to the Morozov family

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Our family took an active part in the election campaign of Svetlana Tihanowska, as well as participated in the observers and visiting all the actions. We were subjected to detentions with serving a day in jail. There were trials with fines of 100 basic units in total. We were subjected to pressure from the authorities. 

They ran a farm and were liquidated with the payment of tax on the grant received for development from the European Union. After psychological pressure in the form of “they will take your children away”, it was decided to leave the country.

At present, we lived in Poland. We work. But the visas are over. There was a question of legalization, there was a possibility to get a stay on the roots. But there is no Polish card, so everything has to be paid for. But we cannot afford the money. We need about 2.5 thousand zlotys, that is, the fee for the Uzhond. And filling out paperwork with a certain date and keeping our family. More than half of the budget goes to pay for the apartment. And the rest to live. Our family is asking for help from concerned citizens.

How much is needed?

2310 € — the stamp duty for the old residence permit, the stamp duty for the reunification on the hour residence permit, payment of the agency's services for submitting the documents in Warsaw.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 367
The collection is over. Сollected: € 367