Help for the father of an activist from Lida

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Our daddy is the truest hero and example to us. We are very proud of him, miss him and love him.

In 2020, our family, like thousands of others, did not stand aside and took an active part in the protests. But we were not lucky, because our family was noticed by law enforcers. There were searches, 2 times my dad was taken away for 24 hours, and in the end they initiated 2 criminal cases against him and arrested him.

[The BYSOL Foundation has supporting documents].

We haven't seen Dad for several months. In all this time we have only received one letter from him. Every day we dream of hugging him and hearing his voice.

Our father is a very good man who has been helping people all his life, and now he needs help himself. Soon dad's trials will start, and we need to pay for lawyers' services so that the decision of the court will be as mild as possible.

Also, we need to collect regular handovers for dad. Rumor has it that Dad has lost a lot of weight and we need to re-dress him in warm clothes. Plus vitamins, hygiene products, food, replenishment of his account in the pre-trial detention center so that my father can buy necessary things for himself.

I really hope that we will be able to raise the necessary amount for dad when he needs it most. But we need your help, without which we will not be able to do it.

How much is needed?


Payment of the lawyer — 3100 rubles
We have already had 8 consultations with a lawyer for 200 rubles each. We also expect that we are waiting for 4-6 court hearings (call relatives, witnesses, coworkers, etc.) on two criminal articles. Each session — another 250 rubles for a lawyer.

Transfers for half a year — 6000 rubles
1800 rubles — my father has lost a lot of weight, and all the things hang on him. We need to re-buy him all his clothes (underwear, sweaters, jackets — fall and winter, pants, warm shoes, woolen belt);
1200 rubles — supporting vitamins for six months;
1600 rubles — food for six months (transfers are allowed every Thursday);
450 rubles — hygiene products for six months;
660 rubles — replenishment of the father's account for six months to buy everything necessary (unfortunately, more is not allowed);
290 rubles — travel for my mother (300 km) so that she could carry the transfers and visit the courts.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 2 746
The collection is over. Сollected: € 2 746