Supporting a Belarusian volunteer while he awaits a decision on international protection in Poland

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My call sign is “Doc.” I'm a Belarusian volunteer. In Ukraine, I was first a sniper, then I became a medic. And recently I left the army and moved to Poland. But first things first.

I was born in a small Belarusian town and until 2020 I was not particularly interested in politics. I just lived like everyone else. However, the violence that engulfed our cities in 2020 changed my view of the world, and I took to the streets.

I participated in protests and was detained several times. For this I was fired from my job and couldn't get anywhere else. Left with no money at all, I decided to go to Poland. But then the war started and I enlisted in the International Legion as a volunteer. I performed tasks on Bakhmut and Donetsk directions. Three times I was in Bakhmut itself, from where I transported the wounded. I was in Marinka and Seversk.

And recently I faced a problem — my passport is running out. In order not to be left without valid documents, I decided to return to Poland and apply for international protection. Here, according to the law, while my case is being considered, I cannot work. But my savings are running out, and I still have 2 months to wait for the decision. That is why I am asking for help.

I need some money to wait for the decision to grant me protection, after which I can get a job.

How much is needed?


I need this money to rent a room and basic things like travel, food and cell phone for 2 months. I don't need anything else.

€ 1 331 in 2 000