Help for a family with many children who suffered because of the father's active position

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My life, like the lives of many Belarusians, has changed dramatically since the events of 2020. In the last elections I was a member of the PEC and I was totally against the falsification of the voting results, so I refused to sign the “drawn” protocol. In spring 2021, on the eve of Freedom Day, I was arrested for allegedly “picketing. After a day in the TDF, I was given a fine. 

In August, I was searched and seized and interrogated by the KGB, after which the management decided not to renew my contract. For this reason I was forced to go on maternity leave. At the same time my wife got a job that paid less than mine. 

Rising prices of goods, utilities, the increase in the refinancing rate and, accordingly, the interest on the loan — has led to the fact that my large family with three children can barely make ends meet. We have to borrow all the time. We began to have debts on utility bills, and when the kids start getting sick, we have to think about what to give up to buy medicine. 

I know that many Belarusians are kind-hearted people, always ready to help each other. Our family would be very grateful for any amount of support. We are peramozzi!

How much is needed?

500€ — to buy medicines, food and non-food items; to pay for utilities and other services.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 955
The collection is over. Сollected: € 955