Helping a former political prisoner in need of rehabilitation after a pre-trial detention facility

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In August 2020, my family made their choice. After August 9, my younger brother disappeared, 5 days later he was brought home by volunteers, all beaten up. From that day on we went out to peaceful protests every night. In December 2020 I was detained under article 23.34. I was fined 30 basic units. But in 2021 I was detained again. The first 10 days I was kept in the most awful conditions in Okrestino. After that I was transferred to the detention center in Volodarskogo. The trial was held only 7 months later and I was released from the courtroom and sentenced to 3 years of home ”chemistry” under Article 342.1. While I was in jail my underage daughter was under the custody of my sister. At school I was repeatedly pressured by the teacher for my political views. Now I′m at home, next to my daughter. But it is very difficult to recover so quickly. I would be grateful to caring people for their support.
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The collection is over. Сollected: € 721