Helping an activist sentenced to 3 years of home ”chemistry”

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In the fall of 2021 I was detained by GUBOPIK for active participation in protests. I was interrogated, spent 9 days in temporary detention facilities in horrible conditions, without hygiene facilities, without drinking water, and in the freezing cold. Then I was taken to a pre-trial detention center, where I was kept for over 4 months until my trial. 

The court was held in spring and I was sentenced to 3 years of “chemo. They fired me from my job and it turned out to be impossible to find a new one. I had to get a job as a cleaner in a private store, with a salary of 300 rubles. 

In August I was in one more court session, where I was sued for 50 000 rubles for "Minsktrans" enterprise for "blocking the road". In October, the compulsory enforcement department instituted proceedings demanding payment of the debt. During the investigation, my property was seized, but it wasn't enough. For the lawsuit will be arrested again.

From wages I have to transfer 50% in favor of the OPI. After the imprisonment my health deteriorated, I turned to a psychotherapist. Now I am undergoing treatment, but there is almost no money to survive. My older children left the country, and I was left with my younger daughter and my elderly mother. We are having a very hard time. Any help would be appreciated. We need money for food, medicine, and partial repayment of the lawsuit.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 72
The collection is over. Сollected: € 72