Help in paying a fine for a BCB

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Worked for Belshina in Bobruisk. As of August 11, 2020 went on vacation and prepared a resignation letter just in case, which was soon signed — after actively participating in all the rallies, collecting signatures for strikes, etc. actions, while blocking my pass. And, paradoxically, I was not detained even once during this time — not at the rally, not for posting flyers, not for bchb-songs on the square, but was detained because of a sticker on my own car.

On the morning of 5/20/21, I noticed my car had been towed. After I paid the fine for improper parking, I was asked to wait 5 minutes to settle some issues. Then a police squad arrived and immediately asked if I was one of “those”. I said I hadn't put the sticker on, but I shared those views.  Then they asked me to go with them. I was detained at 11.30pm on May 20, and I was kept in an isolation cell at the ROVD of Soviet District until 2.30am on May 21. On 21.05 at 3 a.m. they took us to Okrestino. It was easier there, because I was not alone; there were two other girls of my age with me. It was very cold. Of course they wouldn't give us a mattress or blanket (but we weren't expecting one).

The court decided to fine us in the amount of 100 basic units.

How much is needed?

550 € — That's not enough to pay the fine.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 10
The collection is over. Сollected: € 10