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Air reconnaissance group of Belarusian volunteers

The Prague Support Team, a Belarusian NGO, is setting up a separate aerial reconnaissance team of four volunteers in Prague. After training and preparation, the group will be able to perform various tasks of reconnaissance, patrolling, pointing artillery, etc.

The composition of the unit — 4 people:

 — Group commander;
 — Two drone operators;
 — Gunner-driver.

Team equipment:

- Drone (DJI Matrice 300 RTK) with Zenmuse H20T multi-sensor camera (23x optical zoom+thermal imager);
 — Drone (Parrot Anafi Thermal) with thermal camera (spare);
 — 4x4 pickup.

Team Objectives:

- Aerial reconnaissance of areas;
 — Patrolling positions (including night time);
 — Directing and correcting artillery strikes, including at night.

How much is needed?

60,000€ — Drone + camera + spare drone — 25,000€; transport + maintenance — 20,000€; equipment and armor for unit personnel — 5000€; other equipment (chargers, bivouac gear, spare parts) — 2000€; drone operator course in Prague — 4000€; accommodation, meals and travel expenses — 2000€; combat medicine course and tactical fire training course — 2000€.