Assistance in reimbursing medical expenses for families of political prisoners

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Our organization Littouwin LIONS CLUB has provided material support to over 100 families of political prisoners. The assistance provided by our organization is mainly related to medical expenses for political prisoners and their families from socially vulnerable groups (retired people, handicapped people, people with cancer and other chronic diseases, large and poor families, orphans, minors). 

We provide assistance to people who are imprisoned and have serious illnesses. For example, right now three political prisoners have cancer. We are in touch with their relatives on comprehensive and repeated support. Also, we provide assistance to one wife and husband of political prisoners with cancer.

The children of political prisoners are also in great need of our help. We helped 5 families with children with disabilities and also helped a family of a political prisoner to get an operation for their son. We compensated medical services for young daughter of political prisoner with a heart defect and this is not the full list of rendered help. The full list of assistance can be found here:

As the number of repressed people grows, the request for assistance increases. At this stage, our organization cannot cover all requests from the families of political prisoners. All funds collected will go to restore the health of political prisoners and their close relatives. This area of assistance is very important. Activists who are now suffering in prisons — should feel the support and help.

The amounts of payments are based on needs. We pay from 100 to 500 euros. In the case of complex illnesses, we pay repeatedly, when they send documents confirming that the amount has been spent on treatment and more help is needed. You can also support political prisoners who need medical assistance.

How much is needed?

7000€ — material and medical support for political prisoners, victims of torture from socially vulnerable groups.

The collection is over. Сollected:
€ 3 239
The collection is over. Сollected: € 3 239