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Friends, acquaintances and sympathizers, BOTANIC PROJECT is on the phone and we have an interesting idea, but to realize it quickly and qualitatively we need your involvement.

A little background.

For the last few years we have accumulated a lot of interesting material. From more than 100 songs we have selected about 30 tracks, which seemed to us the most successful, and conditionally divided them into 3 stylistic groups.

The idea was to make 3 albums, conceptually different in form, content and execution, but at the same time everybody understands that this is Botanic project. 

Who follows us, knows that under the new year we released an experimental album “Matrix”. Ambiguous, hard, rough and unadorned.
More recently we presented the classic reggae-album “Music of Spheres”, a unique work, which was rehearsed and recorded in Belarus, lost on the radar in Ukraine, and finally presented in Poland.
And we still have cool fresh material for the third album under the codename “My soul” — 8 beautiful songs, many of them you heard at concerts, and some choruses you already know by heart.

It's still a surprise, but we have already agreed with musicians of the highest firm, who are ready to take part in the recording. We have a place in Warsaw, where we can write quality parts + people who are ready to bring it to mind. At a quick glance, to cover the basic costs of recording and mixing we need to raise about €2000. 

Considering the task at hand, it's a small amount, but for freshly minted immigrants earning money playing on the street, it's quite a significant sum. That's why we invite you to participate in our project and ask you to help us financially. We take care of the rest of the creativity and promise to do everything in the best way. 

Love, your Nerds!

How much is needed?


€1000 sound engineer (recording, mixing, mastering);
€550 studio rental for rehearsal and recording, transportation costs;
€550 honorarium for invited session musicians.

€ 111 in 2 100