Supporting the operation of the BGM channel network

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Belarus Headbrain Network, founded by Igor Losik, is one of the leading Belarusian social networking projects. We continue the work of our colleague and friend who was unjustly convicted for 15 years by developing channels and following news trends. The editorial staff has become your voice where telling the truth has become a crime.  We listen to our readers 24/7 and give you a voice and report on the most important news.

The project team tries to keep the journalistic bar high. We broadcast for you on Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram.  The editorial team works for Belarusians and for the day when Belarus will be free.

We ask for your help, even though we know it's hard for you.  

The editorial board would be grateful for any support, even a symbolic amount. By supporting us, you support the fight against the regime and its propaganda on one of the key fronts — information.

How much is needed?

6,600 € — The requested amount is necessary to cover part of the expenses, the salaries of presenters, editors and editors, the rent of the premises, the purchase of new equipment for filming and subscriptions to licensed software and services.

€ 1 729 in 6 600